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Huo Zhen sent his father back to his room, then quickly went to find his wife, Chen Yunlu. His son bringing his girlfriend back was such big news that he must let her know right away.

Outside, Xu Xiyan was dressed in white, looking clean and neat as she appeared in the Huo family mansion, attracting the attention of many servants to come and look at her as she pushed Huo Yunshen into the inner courtyard.

“Mr. Huo, look at the eyes of all those people watching me. Do you think that they’re thinking that I’m your girlfriend?” Xu Xiyan joked.

“Yeah, just don’t mind them.”

Huo Yunshen kept an indifferent expression on his face but he felt pleased inside. Of course, you are the first girl to come home with me, and they will definitely think that you are my girlfriend.

Huo Yunshen had considered bringing Xu Xiyan home before, but he had not been able to find a suitable reason or excuse for it. Today, he could take advantage of his grandfather’s illness and bring Xu Xiyan home and present her to his elders.

In the Moxiang residence, Huo Yunshen asked the butler about the elder’s condition. After that, he brought Xu Xiyan into the room.

“Aiyo… Aiyoyo…”

After entering the room, Huo Yunshen heard the old man moaning in his bed. He moved his wheelchair toward the old man to check on him. “Grandpa, are you okay?”

With difficulty, the old man turned his head. After seeing that it was Huo Yunshen, he reached out his hand at him. “Yunshen…”

“I’m here, Grandpa.”

Huo Yunshen took his grandfather’s hand in his, looking very concerned.

As Huo Xun pretended to be ill and weak, he looked over Huo Yunshen’s shoulder and saw a girl in a doctor’s outfit, standing quietly in front of the round table with a warm sunny smile on her face.

The old man understood. His grandson had not brought back the girl from the Xue family, but another girl.

The girl’s hair was tied into a ponytail, her face fair and beautiful, her facial features prominent like a mixed-race person. She stood there quietly like a pure and noble arum lily, and to describe her as a white angel was not an exaggeration at all.

The old man had a good first impression of the girl. If he was to give her a score, he would give her a perfect 100 points. He felt an urge to praise his grandson for his good taste. He was just like him when he was young!

“Yunshen, this is…”

Huo Xun simply couldn’t wait to get to know his future granddaughter-in-law.

“This is Jing Xi. Dr. Jing.”

When the old man heard the surname, he jerked his face up and asked, “Which Jing? Jing as in Jing Huaduo?”

“Yes, she is the granddaughter of the old doctor Jing Huaduo.”

Huo Yunshen thought that by mentioning Jing Huaduo’s name, his grandfather would definitely have a little more confidence in Jing Xi. However, he was wrong.

“Jing Huaduo’s granddaughter?”

Huo Xun looked over at the girl in front of him again. It was as if he could still see the shadow o

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