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While she was in extreme pain and almost collapsed, she held onto Ye Xun’s clothes.

She held tight to his clothes and did not let go even when she was sent to the hospital. When the doctor needed the signature of a family member, Ye Xun signed as her husband out of urgency.

When she gave birth to the child, the doctor handed Ying Bao over to him and said, “Mr. Ye, congratulations on having a daughter!”

Just like that, with a signature, Ye Xun became a dad. From then on, he really treated himself as one, too.

He doted on Ying Bao like his own daughter, and even considered Xu Xiyan to be under his control.

However, Xu Xiyan did not like Ye Xun and had rejected all his hints and approaches. She even escaped back to Zstan.

But how could she have escaped?

Now, she just reprimanded herself for holding onto his clothes back then.

She should have chopped off her hands.

“Alright, you can go back now!” Ye Xun looked at her puffed up cheeks and felt cheered up.

Xu Xiyan felt as though she had been awarded amnesty and ran off towards No. 102. Just as she was about to enter the house, a shadow appeared behind her.

Xu Xiyan got a scare and turned around. Her back leaning against the door, looking at Ye Xun defensively, “Ye Xun, what are you doing here?”

Ye Xun smiled cheekily, “Aren’t you going to invite me into your house for a visit?”

“It’s late already, I don’t think it’s convenient.”

Xu Xiyan blocked the door with her body and had no intentions of letting him in.

“Where’s the courtesy? I’ve even seen you when you gave birth!”

Ye Xun grinned, what he was trying to express was that they had a close relationship and that she did not have to be on her guard against him. But there was always something wrong with his expression.

“Ye Xun, can you stop mentioning the incident! I’m going to be angry if you continue on.”

Xu Xiyan did not like that Ye Xun kept on mentioning her out of wedlock pregnancy, yet he liked to keep harping on the fact.

“Fine! I won’t mention it. Open the door then.”

He waited for her to open the door but Xu Xiyan would not budge.

Just as the two of them were in a stand still, there was the sound of a wheelchair outside. Xu Xiyan was stunned, she looked up and saw that Huo Yunshen was back.

When Huo Yunshen came in, he saw Xu Xiyan and Ye Xun outside of No. 102.

He was surprised but remained calm and moved his wheelchair towards them.

Xu Xiyan was speechless. She’d been worried that the two of them would meet and now they really met.

Ye Xun was shocked to see someone coming. When he turned around and saw Huo Yunshen moving towards them, he flared up.

He was like a feisty rooster, blocking Xu Xiyan behind him.

He sneered while looking at Huo Yunshen. “Humph! You actually followed us all the way here! Look at yourself! Who are you to vie a woman with me?”

Huo Yunshen said nothing. He saw Xu Xiyan’s head appearing behind Ye Xun and w

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