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Last night, it had only been him, Xu Xiyan and Ye Xun. If his mother knew about this, it meant that she had hidden and spied on them at the scene.

“I…” Chen Yunlu covered her mouth. She had spilled the beans.

If she hadn’t followed her son, she wouldn’t have witnessed that car accident. Speaking of car accidents, she was reminded of the one her son had gotten into years before.

Her heart ached whenever she thought about it!

Huo Yunshen finally knew why his mother had been telling him to stay away from Xu Xiyan. Irritated, he turned his wheelchair away from her and said coldly, “Mom, no matter how much you misunderstand Jing Xi, let me tell you this now. In this life, I’ll marry no one except Jing Xi. If you keep opposing it, I will… I will take her with me and go somewhere far away.”

Huo Yunshen left for the Moxiang residence. Chen Yunlu watched her son leave resolutely and her heart was bursting with anxiety.

Originally, her health was fine. After the trouble today, Chen Yunlu felt her body burning with fire that could not be extinguished.

Oh dear, what kind of sins had she committed?

One wanted to abduct the other and elope with him, and the other wanted to marry her no matter what and take her far away with him.

Oh my god! They’re going to rip her heart out!

At the Moxiang residence, Xu Xiyan walked in and saw the old man lying on his side with his back facing the door. His eyes were closed and he seemed to be asleep.

She came to the bed and sat down on the stool beside it. She called out to him, “Grandpa Huo?”


No answer.

Xu Xiyan figured that if she wanted the elder’s cooperation, she would have to try to communicate with him first.

If the old man kept a scornful and distant attitude towards her, she could not save him by herself even though she was willing.

Xu Xiyan sat on the stool dumbly for a while, then she had an idea. She said, “Grandpa Huo, I heard that you and my grandfather were very good friends when both of you were young. Until now my grandfather often mentions you! He said that in his entire life, he has never admired anyone except for you.”

As soon Xu Xiyan finished speaking, Huo Xun turned around and asked, “Did he really say that?”

Huo Xun felt that Jing Huaduo, that old dog, was stubborn to the bone. He would never say such a thing!

“Yeah, but he would only say it while we were chatting privately. My grandfather is a face loving person and he would rather kill himself than say it in front of you.”

Huo Xun listened to her explanation and agreed. That stubborn mule Jing Huaduo was just like that. He would never bow his head and apologize.

Xu Xiyan had simply cooked up some words. The elderly man was pleased with what she had said and was not as rejecting to her as before.

“Alright, girl. Go back and help me send a message to him. Tell him that if he is willing to kowtow to me and admit his faults, I will forget about our past en

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