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He just did not expect that the real Ye Xun was older and more mature than the Ye Xun that Xu Xiyan impersonated.

He could feel the cold resentment coming from Ye Xun. It was a feeling shared between two love rivals.

Huo Yunshen understood now that Ye Xun had not come with friendly motives.

“How would I have known that you went out on a date with this pretty boy if I did not come?”

Ye Xun had his hands in his pockets and approached nonchalantly, his devilish eyes glaring at them.

“Ye Xun, could you have a little more respect! This is my friend and I do not tolerate any attempts by you to humiliate him.”

Speaking of pretty boy, no one can compare to you, Ye Xun.

Xu Xiyan saw that Ye Xun looked unfriendly and overbearing, and she was worried that he would harm Huo Yunshen. She immediately stood in front of Huo Yunshen.

Ye Xun’s tone was very mean, and he walked up and grabbed Xu Xiyan by her arms and asked fiercely, “Great! You’ve learned how to side an outsider!?”

Ye Xun used huge strength and Xu Xiyan could not help but furrow her brow due to the pain from her twisted arm.

Huo Yunshen was worried that Ye Xun would hurt Xu Xiyan. In order to protect Xu Xiyan, he grabbed hold of her wrist and ordered, “Let go of her!”

Ye Xun heard Huo Yunshen’s order to let go of Xu Xiyan, and he sneered and mocked, “Let go of her? Who are you to tell me that?”

“Ye Xun!” Xu Xiyan was speechless.

Did this fellow came back just to create conflict? Creating trouble because he’s worried there will be world peace?

The two men confronted one another and held onto Xu Xiyan’s arms. Xu Xiyan wanted to shake off Ye Xun’s hand but he just would not let go.

“I’ll say it once more! Let go of my girlfriend!”

In a hurry, Huo Yunshen blurted it out.

His daunting manner, with imposing majesty, and fierce momentum stunned Ye Xun.

Xu Xiyan turned around and looked at him, standing there, surprised. She wondered if she had misheard him. Did Huo Yunshen just say I’m his girlfriend?

“Your girlfriend?” Ye Xun glanced at Huo Yunshen with a look of despise. “Who’s your girlfriend? Look at yourself! Who do you think you are? Listen up! She’s my wife! No matter who you are, I’ll bash you up for seducing my wife!”

Ye Xun tugged forcefully as he said these words, and pulled Xu Xiyan into his arms, hugging her by the shoulders and displaying authority.

“Ye Xun! Who’s your wife!? Stop creating trouble, will you?” Xu Xiyan pushed him away. She quickly explained, worried that Huo Yunshen would misunderstand. “Mr. Huo, don’t listen to him! I have nothing to do with him!”

“How are we not related? Did you not tell him that we were in bed long before you knew him?”

In order to force his love rival to give up, Ye Xun made up the matter of them in bed.

He grabbed hold of Xu Xiyan’s wrist again and pulled her away, “Come with me! Dating a pretty boy behind my back! I’ll deal with you when we are back!”

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