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Without turning back, Ye Xun replied, “Can’t I stay here?”

Xu Xiyan: “…”

What did he say? He’s staying here?

Xu Xiyan thought he found out that she stayed at No. 102. She panicked and stood in front of him to stop him. “No way! You can’t stay here!”

Ye Xun was taller than Xu Xiyan by at least a head. He looked down at her with hands on his hips, staring at her before walking past her into the apartment.

“Ye Xun…” Xu Xiyan had to chase behind him and saw that Ye Xun walked straight towards No. 104. He entered the password on the door and it opened.

“…” Xu Xiyan was dumbfounded. After all this, the new neighbor at No. 102 was Ye Xun? Damn!

Ye Xun shook off his shoes as he entered. Xu Xiyan followed him in disbelief and asked, “Ye Xun! How did you manage to stay here? Why are you staying here?”

Ye Xun got annoyed by her question and gave her a glance. “Xixi, I only realized today that you have too many questions! Firstly, it’s my right to stay where I want. Secondly, why can’t I stay here?”

Xu Xiyan: “…”

What I really want to say is, it doesn’t matter where you stay. But why must you stay opposite me and Mr. Huo. Isn’t it deliberately creating conflict? With you around, how can Mr. Huo and I happily date?

In order to not be disturbed by Ye Xun in future, Xu Xiyan persuaded, “Ye Xun, you don’t really have to stay here. I can find another place for you. Somewhere more suitable.”

Ye Xun knew her thoughts and said, “You want to get out of here, eh? No way! In truth, I knew you were staying opposite me in No. 102 before I moved in. I specially bought No. 104 to be your neighbor. Don’t you feel surprised?”

I would say it’s more of a shock than surprise.

Xu Xiyan could guess that Ye Xun had found out her address from Ying Bao.

Ye Xun unbuttoned her shirt and exposed his chest, he sat on the sofa and continued, “Actually, I would have preferred to buy No. 101 and be your next-door neighbor. But I could not find out who’s staying in No. 101. If I could’ve, I definitely would have tried to stay next to you.”

Xu Xiyan: “…”

Xu Xiyan had a huge worry…would Ye Xun blow up No. 101 upon knowing that Huo Yunshen was staying there.

“Who exactly stays in No. 101?”

Ye Xun seemed to have met a difficulty, and he mumbled, “It’s illogical! How can there be information that I can’t find out?”

It was indeed a huge difficulty. Ye Xun could not find out who stayed in No. 101 no matter how hard he tried. It made him even more curious…there was actually someone who was better than him in terms of hiding?

In fact, Ye Xun was just one of his many aliases. His codename in the JS First Squadron was “Dark Dragon.” He would often switch between aliases while on a mission.

What should I do now?

Ye Xun was really staying in No. 104, and Xu Xiyan could not persuade him otherwise and could only accept it. “All right, stay wherever you want. I’m leaving.”

Just as Xu Xiyan was leaving, Ye Xun

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