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Xu Xiyan could more or less guess that there was some kind of conflict between the elderly man and her own grandfather. She decided not to say anything else and go to the yard and wait for Huo Yunshen there. She decided to give him some space and see if he could convince the stubborn old man.

Xu Xiyan left the Moxiang residence, went out into the courtyard and looked around.

She had not visited the backyard the last time she was at the Huo family mansion. She realized that the Huo family mansion garden was a lot bigger than she had imagined.

As Xu Xiyan was strolling in the yard and admiring the flowers, she happened to see Huo Zhen and his wife. They were in a hurry.

Since witnessing the car accident the previous night, Chen Yunlu was still shaken and had not fully recovered yet.

But now that she had heard that her son had brought his girlfriend back, she didn’t have time to think about that terrible incident.

She could not conceal the joy on her face, smoothing her hair as she walked. “Old Huo, are you telling the truth? Our son came back with his girlfriend?”

Huo Zhen was certain. “Why would I lie to you? I heard that she is a doctor and looked very pretty, and very well matched with Yunshen!”

“A doctor?” Chen Yunlu had some doubts. She couldn’t help but recall the scene she had seen on the night of the 22nd. Didn’t her son like the wife of that guy who was named Ye Xun?

Why had he brought back a doctor now?

The couple took a turn, passed through an archway and went into the courtyard of the Moxiang residence. From afar, they saw a girl in a white coat standing among the flowers. The girl leaned over to smell the flowers, giving off a feeling that not even the flowers could match her beauty.

“Oh, that seems to be her!”

Huo Zhen pointed at the girl standing among the flowers in the distance.

Chen Yunlu stopped in her tracks and looked carefully. She saw the shape of the girl’s back and side, and thought that she wasn’t bad looking at all.

She was not short and had a nice figure. The most important thing was that her butt was round and her hips were wide enough to meet the aesthetic standards of traditional elders.

She wondered: what was her face like?

Xu Xiyan did not know that she was being evaluated. She tucked her hands into her pockets and turned to walk to the other side.

From where Chen Yunlu was standing, she happened to see Xu Xiyan’s face exposed.

Upon seeing the girl’s face, Chen Yunlu recognized her and her face immediately darkened.

What female doctor?

What girlfriend?

Damn it, after all this time! Isn’t that the two-timing woman I saw last night?!

Chen Yunlu’s blood was boiling after recognizing Xu Xiyan, a woman who could not preserve her own integrity and hooked up with her son behind her husband’s back. What was there to say about her morals?

That cheating fox had hooked up with her son, and had even managed to charm him int

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