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Ma Haodong could not stand it anymore. When he was about to stand up and speak on Xu Xiyan’s behalf, Xiao Yuqian spoke again.

“Hello everyone, I’m Xiao Yuqian, the person in charge of Jingyue Entertainment. We’ve invited everyone here today so we can explain the truth about Jia Qing’s murder case. Before the truth is revealed, I hope everyone can calm down. I believe that nothing could escape the vast net of justice. The law will not tolerate anyone who has committed a crime and will also not wrong an innocent person. Please give us some time to explain. Thank you!”

When Xiao Yuqian had finished controlling the crowd, the public relations team and Xu Xiyan were already seated on stage.

Today, Xu Xiyan’s mood was different than when she’d had her first press conference. Her mood was very heavy at the moment.

She wore a black dress and had not put on any makeup in respect of the deceased and his family.

She looked at the audience. Other than a few familiar faces, everyone was a stranger to her.

How could she make those people believe that she was innocent?

Could she simply just say “I didn’t kill him,” and her name would be cleared?

Like everyone else, Xu Xiyan was waiting for the verdict, waiting for the truth to be revealed.

Xu Xiyan wondered. What kind of evidence had Xiao Yuqian and the others collected for her in just a few days? Could they prove her innocence?

Next, Guan Hao, the head of the public relations team of Jingyue Entertainment, began to speak.

Guan Hao was a man in his early thirties. He was handsome and professionally dressed. He was an old friend of Xiao Yuqian and he had joined Jingyue because of Xiao Yuqian’s strong recommendation.

In the future, he would lead the public relations department of Jingyue Entertainment.

First, he objectively explained the time and place of the Jia Qing’s poisoning incident, as well as the results and effect.

The public relations team began to play the full footage of that day on the screen.

Guan Hao pointed a finger at the big screen and explained, “You can see that the bag of poisoned flour was hung at the top. The actor had to stand below and step on the switch to make the flour pour down. Everyone should note that our artist, Jing Xi, tried to step on the switch several times, but the mechanism did not respond. At this time, the props manager, Jia Qing, personally went forward to demonstrate it for her. He only stepped on it once and the flour fell. Can this prove that Jing Xi had designed the prop to fail? That she deliberately wanted to harm Jia Qing?”

Someone shouted from the audience. “Maybe Jing Xi had already counted how many times to step on the switch before the flour would fall and left the last attempt for Jia Qing?”

Guan Hao glanced at the audience and smiled. “Our friend here is very imaginative. Let’s take a look at what happens next, shall we?”

The video showed a scene of Jia Qing being covered with flour an

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