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The three left the Moxiang residence and went out into the garden. There was no one else here and it was very quiet. A suitable place for a conversation.

In fact, Huo Yunshen was really anxious. He turned his head up to Xu Xiyan and asked, “Jing Xi, how is my grandfather? Please tell us the truth.”

Xu Xiyan furrowed her brow, pretending to look troubled. “I’m sorry, Mr. Huo and Vice President Huo. I’ve tried my best. The family elder was old and his chronic ailments kept recurring. It was difficult to cure him. This time, his condition is complicated and severe. I’m afraid no medicine is going to cure him.”

“…” Upon hearing those words, Huo Yunshen slumped his shoulders, dispirited.

( Boxno vel. co m ) He didn’t want to believe that his grandfather’s days were numbered. But the results of Xu Xiyan and Professor Qin’s diagnosis were the same. Were the Chinese and Western doctors unable to do anything about the elderly man?

Huo Jingtang heard Jing Xi’s words and was secretly delighted. It seemed that this old thing was not going to live long. His chance was coming.

Though he felt delighted in his heart, he still showed a depressed and worried look on his face. “Is there really no other way? What if we find the best doctor in the world?”

Oh my, after listening to him, she had to admit that Huo Jingtang’s acting skills were impressive. Now, wasn’t this unexpected! An actor of real talent!

Since they were both acting, Xu Xiyan continued her act. She sighed softly and replied, “Vice President Huo, even if Hua Tuo of the Han Dynasty was still alive, he would still have to obey destiny. I suggest that during this time period, the Huo family should take good care of the old gentleman. Let him eat and drink whatever he desires and fulfill his wishes as soon as possible. The elder does not have much time left and you should prepare his funeral affairs soon!”

“Oh…” After Huo Jingtang listened to her words, his face looked even more saddened but his heart was leaping with joy.

Great! As long the old man was dead, he could convene a general meeting with the shareholders and let them dismiss Huo Yunshen, the useless cripple of a president.

Though some people were falsely sorrowful, there was someone who was in real grief.

Huo Yunshen was silent as he fell into a sorrowful place. When he thought of his grandfather, who loved him the most since his childhood, and who was going to leave this world, his heart filled with terrible pain and sadness.

“All right, Vice President Huo, we’re leaving first. If you have time, please take care of the elderly man more often!”

Xu Xiyan bid him goodbye and pushed Huo Yunshen out of the Huo family mansion.

As they moved from the Huo family mansion to the RV, Huo Yunshen remained in a sad mood.

Xu Xiyan knew it was a kind of mental torture for the Huo family to have Huo Xun pretend that he was dying. However, for Huo Yunshen’s safety, it had to be done.

Xu Xiya

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