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In fact, when they were still in Estan, Xu Xiyan had to make a living as a stunt double. She had put Ying Bao, who was two and a half years old at that time, in preschool at the kindergarten.

But nobody knew that the teachers of the kindergarten were abusive. Whenever the children cried, they would frighten and beat them, and even force feed them mustard.

If it wasn’t for Ying Bao’s emergency treatment at the hospital for acute gastroenteritis, Xu Xiyan would never have known that her child had suffered so much at the kindergarten.

Later, the JS First Squadron came to level the horrible kindergarten, and those abusive teachers were brought to justice.

However, the trauma those teachers had brought to the children would never be easily healed. Ever since then, Ying Bao had become afraid of kindergartens and was no longer willing to go to school. She had to be homeschooled by Xu Xiyan.

Even now, Xu Xiyan’s heart would still ache thinking about it.

“Oh, look at me. How forgetful I am!” Ye Xun gave himself a cuff on his head as he remembered. “Okay, okay, my daughter, you don’t have to go to school. How about a game with daddy? Want to ride a big horse?”

“Yay, okay! Baby wants to ride a big horse!” Ying Bao had forgotten about her sadness and giggled as she ran over to Ye Xun to play a game with him.

Xu Xiyan felt relieved to let Ying Bao stay with Ye Xun. She prepared to leave with the excuse that she had some business at the company.

“Little Xixi, let me accompany you.” Ye Xun did not forget his responsibility to protect Xu Xiyan. Seeing that Xu Xiyan was leaving, he stood up, too, wanting to follow her.

“No, you should stay here and play with Ying Bao. The little girl hasn’t seen you for a long time and she missed you very much.”

Xu Xiyan had told Ying Bao in advance that she was actually going to look for Uncle Dimple and Uncle Tree-Leaf mustn’t know about it.

She winked at her daughter, “Isn’t that right, Ying Bao?”

Ying Bao understood the hint and immediately hugged Ye Xun’s thigh. “Uncle Tree-Leaf, don’t you love Baby anymore? Do you really want to abandon Baby?” The little girl began to sob, “Baby is so pitiful…”

Xu Xiyan: “…”

Well, if it isn’t her own biological daughter. Hahaha.

“Why would I do that? You’ll always be number one in Daddy’s heart!”

Ye Xun could not resist the cute little girl’s act of affection. He turned and picked the girl up, then told Xu Xiyan, “All right, you should go. Just call me anytime if you need anything.”

“I know. I’ll leave Ying Bao in your care.” Xu Xiyan picked up her bag and left the Jing family house.

Before meeting up with Huo Yunshen, Xu Xiyan went to the Renjing Chinese Medicine Hall and changed into a doctor’s uniform. She took a medical kit and didn’t forget her own medical qualification certificate.

Right now, no matter where she went, nobody would doubt her if she said she was a doctor.

After meeting up with Hu

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