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“You know, he’s really pestering me. I need a bit…” She hoped that he would give her some time to deal with Ye Xun.

Before she could finish her words, he nodded and said, “All right.”

He was definitely willing to wait for her. No matter how long, he would wait for her.

Upon getting an affirmative answer, Xu Xiyan felt satisfied.

She knew that her present self was not outstanding enough to be compatible with him.

She told herself, Xu Xiyan, buck up! One day, you will be the brilliant you and conquer Prince Charming. He will fall for you, be mesmerized, and never want to leave you.

The next day, Xu Xiyan woke up early to prepare breakfast, and even made a portion for Huo Yunshen.

She wanted to give it to him through the crystal door, but her doorbell kept on ringing. Xu Xiyan could only open the door and deal with Ye Xun first.

“Ye Xun, don’t you have any missions in Zstan this time round? You should go carry out your mission!”

Ye Xun turned around. His devilish smile seemed to mean something deeper. “That’s right, I’m here for a mission. But do you know what my mission is this time?”

“What?” Xu Xiyan was creeped out by his smile. She had a bad feeling about this.

“My mission is… you! Hahaha…”

“…” Xu Xiyan was dumbfounded.

This fellow had nothing to do and came back just to keep me under surveillance?

Now she was just worried about Huo Yunshen. With Ye Xun interfering, how could she woo Prince Charming?

In fact, Ye Xun had accepted a mission, and the mission was to protect Xu Xiyan.

This JS mission was assigned by JS headquarters, and was labeled top secret.

As the leader of JS First Squadron, Jing Zhannan specially selected Dark Dragon to carry out the mission, knowing that his niece was the target of protection.

Therefore, Ye Xun had the perfect excuse to look for Xu Xiyan.

In order to not let Ye Xun become an obstacle between Huo Yunshen and her, Xu Xiyan planned to send Ye Xun to the Jing family and let Ying Bao tie him down. She would then be free!

After deciding on the idea, Xu Xiyan and Ye Xun went out together.

Speaking of coincidence, just as Xu Xiyan and Ye Xun left the apartment, the door to No. 101 opened and Huo Yunshen came out.

Seeing Huo Yunshen, Xu Xiyan habitually greeted him. “Hi, Mr. Huo! Good morning!”

Huo Yunshen turned around and looked over. Noticing that Ye Xun came out of Xu Xiyan’s apartment, his eyes sunk and he felt as though he’d suffered a blow.

But outwardly, he pretended that nothing had happened and automatically ignored Ye Xun. He smiled at Xu Xiyan. “Good morning, Jing Xi!”

“What morning? Let’s go!” Ye Xun stared at Huo Yunshen and directly raised his arms to block Xu Xiyan. Bringing her out of the apartment and not letting her interact with Huo Yunshen.

After they left, Huo Yunshen hit on the arms of his wheelchair. A sense of bitterness and pain spread in his heart.

He hated his helplessness, he h

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