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“My face and body were burnt by the poison when the flour fell on me,” Jia Qing said as he recalled the scene. “It was Jing Xi who was first to react and washed the poison off me. I inhaled some of the poison, and my throat started to burn. It felt like hell. Jing Xi was the one who stopped the poison from spreading. When I woke up in the hospital, the doctor told me if not for Jing Xi’s emergency treatment, I would never made it to the hospital. As I Iay unconscious in the hospital, He Liang injected the same poison into my IV drip to stop me from telling the truth. But I was lucky enough, and I made it out alive.”

If Huo Yunshen had not ordered Yi Xiao to guard Jia Qing’s he would’ve fallen into the hands of He Liang.

Tears kept sliding down Jia Qing’s cheeks as he told the whole story. It was a price he had to pay for working with the demon.

A few people from the crowd were trying to hold back their tears as they heard his story.

“This is the whole story,” Jia Qing said as he got up from the wheelchair. “There’s still one more thing for me to do.”

He fell to the ground and kneeled in front of Jing Xi with the help of the officers.

Everyone was shocked by his sudden act, including Xu Xiyan.

“Jing XI, I’m really sorry…” Jia Qing cried. “I’m trash. I tried to take your life for money, and yet it was you who saved me when God had abandoned me. I owe you my life.”

“Please, get up,” Xu Xiyan said, rushing to his side and helping him up. “You’ve already gotten your punishment. I hope that you will think twice before making any rash decisions in the future.”

Jia Qing had gotten his punishment. Xu Xiyan chose to forgive him as he had been doing it all for his child.

Deep down in Xu Xiyan’s heart, she believed Jia Qing was a decent father who would do anything for his child, unlike her own father who would sell his own daughter for money.

Xu Jinshan deserved divine punishment more than Jia Qing.

The crowd praised Xu Xiyan for her generosity towards the man who had planned to harm her.

Even the reporters who were pressuring her shifted their opinions as they recorded the touching moment.

As the press conference ended, news of He Liang surrendering himself came from the police.

He’d only confess to doing what he did to help Huang Yanran, stating that she had no idea what he was doing.

After Jingyue Entertainment had posted the truth on their social media page, the whole world began to understand the truth behind the incident.

Are you serious? Jia Qing is still alive?

We’ve wronged Jing Xi again! Not only did she not harm anyone, she even tried to save Jia Qing!

He Liang is such a devious person!

He really went all out for Huang Yanran, huh?

Like hell, I’ll believe that Huang Yanran had no idea of the whole thing! I bet that she’s the true mastermind behind the whole thing! She must be afraid of Jing Xi stealing her spotlight.

After the truth was revealed, Huang Yanra

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