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In order to verify whether her son had a woman, Chen Yunlu entered the music concert with her ticket.

In the box on the 2ndfloor, Xu Xiyan and Huo Yunshen drank tea while they waited for the concert to start.

Xue Yating’s violin recital was rather large scale, and the seats were all sold out. One could see how popular she was in the country.

The concert started. Xue Yating wore a long black gown and held her Artemis violin, slowly walking onto the grand stage.

The host gave an opening introduction through the stereo, introducing Xue Yating’s background and her music achievements. Then, Xue Yating began her violin solo.

Xu Xiyan gazed at Xue Yating on stage, seeing her every movement and habit while playing the violin.

Wonderful music entered the ears, but something just felt amiss.

Huo Yunshen held his head in one hand. His eyes shined but he was not looking at the stage. He looked at one point in a daze.

His other hand was gently tapping onto the arms of his wheelchair, he was seriously listening to the music.

Hearing the music, Huo Yunshen occasionally turned his sight to Xu Xiyan, who was sitting opposite him. He really wanted to say, Xue Yating’s violin skills was inferior to her’s. It was good, technically speaking, but lacking in emotion.

But seeing Xu Xiyan enjoying the music in silence, he decided to enjoy looking at her in silence. His gentle gaze was on her beautiful face, as though admiring a famous portrait of a beauty from the Medieval times.

The first half of Xue Yating’s concert was her solo, and they invited a world famous pianist on stage to perform an ensemble for the second half.

Looking at Xue Yating performing with the pianist, Xu Xiyan could not help but reminisce about the time when she impersonated Ye Xun and played together harmoniously with Huo Yunshen at Mr. Huo Xun’s birthday party.

Will I still have a chance to perform with him in the future?

As the music ended and the crowd dispersed, Xu Xiyan and Huo Yunshen left the box and left the concert hall through the disabled access route.

They talked about the concert as they walked out, not noticing that Huo Yunshen’s mother, Chen Yunlu, was secretly following them at a distance.

No matter how the concert was, it was an amazing feeling that rarely came by to be able to be with someone you like.

Xu Xiyan pushed Huo Yunshen to where the RV was waiting and suddenly a familiar voice appeared.

“Xixi, is this the so-called work that you have?”

It was Ye Xun’s voice!

Xu Xiyan got a shock hearing Ye Xun’s voice out of the blue. She subconsciously looked towards the direction of the voice and saw a dark figure leaning against the pillar of the building at the side.

Xu Xiyan stopped walking and saw the dark figure approach them. Walking out from the shadow was a man with haughty silver hair shimmering in the moonlight.

The man looked up and revealed his dashing face. The silver stud in his ear

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