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As Guan Hao spoke, he pressed a switch on his laser pointer again and changed the slide on the screen.

The first item on the slide listed the social backgrounds of Jing Xi and Jia Qing.

As they compared their personal histories, it was clear that Jing Xi and Jia Qing did not have any connections before the filming of “Root of Evil.”

This proved that Jing Xi and Jia Qing being former lovers were purely nonsense.

The second item listed the online and offline purchase history of Jing Xi and Jia Qing, as well as the food qualification inspection report provided by the flour manufacturer.

The statistics concluded that neither of them had purchased toxic substances such as arsenic trioxide, which was not mixed into the flour by the flour manufacturer.

So where did the arsenic in the flour come from?

Guan Hao threw out a question. He knew how to seize the hearts of the people and used it as a way to make the reporters think carefully.

He continued, “Everyone knows that arsenic is a raw chemical industrial material and is one of the oldest poisons, commonly known as white arsenic. This material is commonly used in the smelting of arsenic alloys and in the manufacture of semiconductors, in the glass industry, in the leather industry, and in agriculture. It has a broad application. In our process of collecting evidence, we’ve investigated the circulation of arsenic throughout Peijing, including transactions in the black market. Other than industrial usage, we’ve found several private purchase records.”

As soon as this was said, many people began murmuring in the audience, waiting for him to show the private purchase records.

Guan Hao let the public relations team present the evidence. On the screen, a set of transaction records could be clearly seen, followed by the time of transaction and bank account number.

“According to the investigation and evidence collection by the public security department and the banking department, we’ve found out that the holder of this bank account is a man named He Liang. He is 32 years old this year and he is from Nanchuan.”

After He Liang’s identity was revealed, the audience began to discuss among themselves. Who was this He Liang?

In her apartment, Huang Yanran was shocked and her coffee fell from her trembling hands, spilling onto her clothes as she saw this very scene on the livestream.

Oh no! They’ve exposed He Liang!

If they were to trace it back to her through him, wouldn’t she be finished?

Just as Huang Yanran was going to call him up, He Liang, who was bringing breakfast, knocked on the door of her apartment.

Huang Yanran hurried over and opened the door. He Liang saw Huang Yanran and smiled at her as usual like he always did, “Yanran, I’ve bought breakfast.”

“He Liang, what should we do? They’ve found you out!” Huang Yanran said anxiously.


Huang Yanran showed him the live broadcast of the Jingyue Entertainment press conferenc

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