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It was confirmed that the nurse was not a real nurse from the hospital, but an impersonator who had intruded into the hospital. It was her poisonous injection that had caused Jia Qing’s death.

The nurse was taken to the scene by the police. She explained the whole process of how she was bribed and how she committed the murder in front of the crowd. The behind-the-scenes perpetrator was indeed He Liang.

Guan Hao concluded, “Now there’s a lot of evidence to prove that Jia Qing’s death was caused by He Liang, not Jing Xi. As for why He Liang wanted to murder Jia Qing, we will let the police take over and investigate this issue. Now, does anyone have any questions?”

As usual, the reporters were sniffing for a scandalous angle of the story. Someone asked, “Mr. Guan, the evidence you provided to prove that the murderer is He Liang is just a one-sided statement. Is all of this intentionally done to steer suspicion away from the real culprit? Everyone in the entertainment circle knows about Jing Xi’s scandal for stealing the role of the lead actress Huang Yanran, which happened a few days ago. Aren’t her motivations obvious?”

As the press conference was being held, there were many who thought that Jingyue Entertainment was deliberately diverting everyone’s focus onto Huang Yanran and her assistant, placing the blame on them.

After all, in everyone’s impression, Jing Xi was only a small newcomer and had too many negative scandals. Everyone was skeptical about her character. Also, Huang Yanran was an actress of the second class and above. Why should she compete with a newcomer?

The lead actress role belonged to Huang Yanran in the first place. If anyone were to steal someone else’s role, it should be Jing Xi.

Guan Hao retorted the reporter ruthlessly, “My reporter friend, have you forgotten your identity? What are the responsibilities of a journalist? Isn’t it your job to report facts objectively and fairly? To reflect problems to the public and play the role of a public opinion supervisor and guide? But in the face of evidence, how did you behave? You can have doubts against our artist Jing Xi, but you must respect the facts. The fact is that Jing Xi’s role in the film “Root of Evil” has always been a stunt double. She replaced Huang Yanran and filmed some of her scenes because Huang Yanran was injured and hospitalized. There is no dispute over the roles at all and we can ask the director of “Root of Evil” to testify.”

Below the stage, Peng Sicheng took the microphone. He stood up, introduced himself, then explained to the reporters, “Yes, Jing Xi has always been the stunt double for the lead actress of our production. There has never been an act of overstepping one’s roles during the shoot.”

To further convince the crowd, Peng Sicheng specially explained that the lead actress and the second male lead were sick and had taken sick leaves, almost causing the production to fall into disarray. In the end, it was Mr. Xing,

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