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Wasn’t this Jing Xi the woman who was the talk of the entertainment industry recently?

No wonder she looked so familiar!

After learning who she was, Chen Yunlu had an even worse impression of her. She remembered those scandals surrounding her.

Rumors about her having a sugar daddy, exploiting her way to land a role with the film crew, and scandals with Ma Haodong were all over the place. And later, she also seemed to have pulled Jingtang into her affairs!

Also, there was the recent poisoning and murder case. The case was still ongoing and it seemed that the family of the deceased had taken it to court.

Terrible, how terrible! How did Yunshen get himself tangled up with such a vicious, scheming woman?

Was her son an easy target to deceive because he was bound to a wheelchair?

No way! As long Chen Yunlu was around, she would absolutely not let a demoness like her harm the Huo family and her son.

As she thought about it, Chen Yunlu became more determined than ever to exorcise that demoness. She furrowed her brow and questioned Xu Xiyan rudely, “Hmph! Who are you? What are you doing in the Huo family?

Xu Xiyan was puzzled. This was the first time she came to the Huo family as Jing Xi. She had never interacted with Mrs. Huo or gotten into any unpleasantness with her before. Why was her attitude towards her so bad?

“Mrs. Huo, do you have any misunderstandings about me?” Xu Xiyan asked.

Chen Yunlu crossed her arms and said coldly, “What misunderstandings? You’re a coy and flirtatious woman who has done many bad deeds, and yet you still act innocent. I’ve seen many of your tricks in seducing men. Don’t you dare try to scheme your way in front of me!”

After listening to her words, Xu Xiyan could roughly tell what was going on. Mrs. Huo had probably seen news about her scandals and had misunderstood her. However, since they were scandals, Xu Xiyan could not explain herself clearly.

Even if she tried to explain, Mrs. Huo would still think that she was trying to quibble with her with a sharp tongue.

Anyway, people who believed in her would always believe her without the need for any explanation. Those who didn’t believe her would never do so, no matter how much she tried to explain.

Therefore, in such a situation, Xu Xiyan would usually ignore them. Their mouths were theirs and they could say anything they wanted. She would not lose anything anyway.

Xu Xiyan brushed a strand of hair away from her eyes and smiled lightly. “Mrs. Huo, you seem to be angry. Are you worried that I will seduce your son?”

Now, isn’t she clever!

Chen Yunlu didn’t have to beat around the bush anymore. “Of course! My son is the heir to the Huo family. Even if you’re not from a wealthy family, you should at least be a person of virtue if you want to be worthy of him. Do you even fill any of the criteria?

“Speaking of your background,” she continued, “it’s still unclear where you’re from. As for your virtue, h

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