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“You saw it? I saw it too.” Xu Xiyan said smilingly.

“I was surprised, Little Cherry performed really well. She’s really talented.”

“Of course, she inherited her parents’ merits!”

Xu Xiyan was very generous with compliments for her daughter.

The biggest reason for Ying Bao’s intelligence is the excellent genetics of Huo Yunshen. Of course, she her mum played a part too.

The two of them chatted for a while and Huo Yunshen asked, “Jing Xi, are you available tonight?”

“Why? You need my help?”

“Oh, I was just thinking…” Huo Yunshen started stammering, not knowing how to phrase his words. “I have tickets… you…”

Hearing the man stuttering, Xu Xiyan giggled and asked, “Mr. Huo, what tickets do you have?”

“A music concert. Xue Yating’s music concert.”

Huo Yunshen could finally finish his words and felt relieved.

Never did he know how hard it was to ask the girl that he liked to go out on a date with him.

“So, you’re saying that you have tickets and you’d like to invite me to go with you?”

Dealing with a reserved guy like him, Xu Xiyan had to take more initiative. Otherwise, everything would be too late if she had to wait for him to finish his words.

“Yes, are you available?”

While waiting for an answer, Huo Yunshen could feel his heart thumping hard, as if he was waiting for a verdict. He was so nervous that his palms started sweating.

She originally wanted to meet Ye Xun, but since Prince Charming had asked, she definitely had to postpone everything else. “Of course, I’m available! It just so happens that I wanted to go to her concert.”

Such a coincidence! Xu Xiyan wanted to go along with Ye Xun tonight, so that she did not have to impersonate Ye Xun. But now that Prince Charming had invited her, she was definitely willing to go with Huo Yunshen.

Hearing a definite answer, Huo Yunshen was relieved. He was yelling “YES!” in his mind, but remained calm on the outside and said, “Great! I’ll go fetch you tonight. I’ll contact you again.”

“All right!” Xu Xiyan agreed joyfully.

After ending the call with Huo Yunshen, Xu Xiyan called Ye Xun. The phone rang multiple times before being picked up. A lazy voice could be heard on the other end. “Hey, who’s this?”

In fact, Ye Xun had already arranged his accommodations in Peijing. Now, he was already back at his hotel and all showered, lying on his bed comfortably, ready to sleep.

“Ye Xun, I have work tonight and can’t meet you. I’ll have to trouble you to stay at the hotel for a night and I’ll meet you tomorrow.

“Hey! What work is more important than me? Xixi, are you standing me up again?” Ye Xun expressed his unhappiness.

“How can that be? I’ll bring Ying Bao along to meet you tomorrow.”

“That’s more like it.”

Xu Xiyan was relieved to finally have settled the matter with Ye Xun, but a sense of worry developed.

So long as Ye Xun stayed in Peijing, she would not have any peace and quiet. This fellow really

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