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Jingyue Entertainment’s press conference was held at the same hotel as before.

Reporters from various media outlets had gathered on schedule. This time, apart from the staff from Jingyue Entertainment, they had also invited several representatives from the “Root of Evil” production crew.

Except for the lead actress, Huang Yanran, the director Peng Sicheng, the male lead actor, supporting male actor Ma Haodong, stage manager Xing Guobin and the other crew members were present.

It was not because of Xiao Yuqian’s strong influence that they were able to invite the core members of the “Root of Evil” production crew, but the powerful authority of Huo Yunshen.

Today’s press conference was more like a hearing.

Jia Qing’s family members also came. There were about five or six of them, including Jia Qing’s wife, his parents, and his uncles and other close family.

The press conference had not officially begun, but Jia Qing’s wife was already crying, holding her husband’s portrait in her arms.

By the scheduled starting time, there was still no sign of Jing Xi or the staff from Jingyue Entertainment. The Jia family could not wait anymore and began to make trouble.

“Where are the people from Jingyue Entertainment? Where is that murderer Jing Xi? Come out!”

“Jing Xi, you killed Jia Qing! You should die!”

“Let Jing Xi pay with her life!”

“Show yourself, killer!”

In a luxurious apartment, Huang Yanran was watching the livestream of the press conference on her iPad. She saw the scene of the victim’s family members and reporters calling for the murderer to show herself and laughed delightfully.

She sat on the sofa, enjoying a cup of coffee while looking forward to seeing how the public would condemn that bitch, Jing Xi.

Meanwhile, backstage, Xu Xiyan heard the uproar coming from the family members of the deceased outside. She took a deep breath.

Xiao Yuqian wore a black professional suit and walked in front of her. Xu Xiyan followed her out to the stage with the rest of the Jingyue Entertainment’s public relations team behind her.

As they appeared on stage, lights from cameras flashed non-stop. When Jia Qing’s family saw Jing Xi, they became even more agitated.

“Jing Xi, you are a murderer!”

“You killed my son! You’ll pay for it!”

If it weren’t for the security guards, those family members would have definitely rushed up and assaulted her. They became even more emotional when they were being held back by the security guards and began to fling objects onto the stage when they could not get their hands on her.

A leather shoe flew towards Xu Xiyan, but luckily she dodged it in time.

Xiao Yuqian was already on stage. She took up the microphone and started to take control of the scene. “Security guards, please take note! Please drive any troublemakers out of the venue and do not let them back in!”

After she finished her words, those trouble-making family members were n

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