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“I haven’t visited him. Yunshen found a doctor for the old man. You should go see him now. I hope there’s nothing dire.”

The reason Chen Yunlu had urged Huo Jingtang to go inside was to stop Huo Yunshen and Jing Xi from talking too much in private to the family elder.

“Oh, okay, Big Auntie. I will go see Grandpa then,” Huo Jingtang said politely, then made his way towards the Moxiang residence.

As Chen Yunlu watched Huo Jingtang turn his back to her to go, the suspicions in her mind grew stronger. She shouted at him almost absentmindedly, “Hey, Jingtang!”

Huo Jingtang stopped and asked, “What’s wrong, Big Auntie?”

“Nothing. I just wanted to ask… were you at the art center last night?”

“No, I was at the office last night.” Huo Jingtang felt his heart lurch as that question had come suddenly from her. He stayed calm and asked again, “Why do you ask, Big Auntie?”

“Oh, just asking. I thought I saw someone who looked like you last night. Maybe I was mistaken.”

Chen Yunlu smiled and waved her hand at him. “All right, you should go see your grandfather now! I’m leaving.”

Chen Yunlu walked away. The usually calm and reserved Huo Jingtang felt as if someone was clutching tightly onto his heart. At this moment, his heart was inexplicably filled with feelings of horror.

What did Chen Yunlu mean by asking those questions just now?

She asked him whether he had been to the art center?

And she even said that the person she saw last night looks like him?

Could it be…

Huo Jingtang became very worried and called up his assistant. After the call ended, his face darkened.

His assistant had already investigated. After Xue Yating got into a car accident, someone had found her and sent her to the hospital, saving her life.

He had also found out that the witness and the reporter was the same person and had the surname Chen.

Combining this information and with what Chen Yunlu had said to him just now, it was not difficult to guess what she meant.

Huo Jingtang clenched his fists and gritted his teeth, an icy chill in his narrowed eyes.

He thought that everything was done according to plan perfectly. How would he know that there was a third person at the scene?

How much had Chen Yunlu seen?

How much did she know?

Would she spill something to the police?

At the Moxiang residence, Xu Xiyan pushed Huo Yunshen towards the door to leave. They saw Huo Jingtang standing still outside, deep in thought.

Huo Yunshen took the initiative to greet him, “Big Brother?”

Huo Jingtang recovered from his thoughts and withdrew the icy murderous look from his face. He smiled lightly, “I just heard from Big Auntie that you’ve found a doctor for Grandpa?”

“Yeah. I’ve asked Jing Xi to take a look at Grandpa,” Huo Yunshen said simply.

“Oh? Miss Jing Xi knows medicine?” Huo Jingtang was surprised, then realized that Xu Xiyan was wearing a doctor’s white coat.

Xu Xiyan said with a smile,

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