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“All right then.” Ye Xun compromised.

After settling the issue with Ye Xun, Xu Xiyan returned to her seat in the audience. Contestant number 35 was singing a song.

Not long after Xu Xiyan sat down, the performance ended. The little kid left the stage after the judges gave him his score.

The host welcomed Contestant Number 36.

At the Huo family mansion, Huo Yunshen came out of his room and, as he went past the living room, he saw that his parents were watching a show by the Peijing TV Station.

The two elderly people were watching earnestly while the children performed on the show.

Huo Yunshen felt that his parents must be so desperately yearning for a grandchild that they not only urged him to get a girlfriend and get married, they also found joy in watching a child’s show.

Huo Yunshen wanted to sneak away, but coincidentally, the host invited Contestant Number 36 onto the stage.

Huo Yunshen just took a casual glance and had a shocking discovery. The little boy tagged Number 36 really resembled Cherry Baby.

In order to determine whether they were the same person, Huo Yunshen stopped and watched the show with his parents.

Child Number 36 was unlike any of the other children. The others had made a self-introduction and interacted with the host before beginning their performance.

However, Number 36 skipped the segment, and joyful music was played straight away.

Ying Bao chose a song named “The Magic of Loli1” as the dance song for her preliminary performance.

The little girl walked up the stage amidst the music, and following her were five young male dancers. The men all wore white suits which made them look neat and suave.

Ying Bao was the only one in a black tuxedo and a white shirt with a black bow-tie. She wore a black top hat on her head and held a mini cane in her hands.

It was a handsome little boy that appeared in front of everyone’s eyes.

Against the comparison of the white suit men, Ying Bao was very eye-catching with her black suit.

When the prelude ended, the five men danced along with Ying Bao to the music of “The Magic of Loli.”

The little girl had talent in dancing. She had learned the dance by watching the dance tutorial video thrice.

She even edited some dance moves according to the music beats, making the entire dance smoother with the song.

She danced really well, every move and every look was on point, and with the upbeat music, the whole crowd got excited.

A four-year old who could make a child’s song look like a dance video from Japanese or Korean pop bands…it was simply amazing.

Ying Bao boosted the atmosphere to a climax, many audience members stood up to cheer for her and even the judges were full of praises.

Initially, many did not understand why a four-year old boy would choose “The Magic of Loli” as the performing song.

But as the dance came to the end, the little girl made her ending pose which was a huge transformation

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