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In fact, Xu Xiyan knew very little about Huo Yunshen. The Huo Yunshen she was looking at right now was only one part of him.

“Mr. Huo?”

Xu Xiyan came over and sat down next to him on the sofa.

Huo Yunshen lifted his head slightly. Bright light shone onto his facial features, giving his face a soft, gentle glow. He was back to the man she was familiar with.

“Jing Xi, are you all right?”

After lifting his head to look at Xu Xiyan, Huo Yunshen noticed her makeup. Her makeup was exquisite and refreshing and she looked in high spirits. He was relieved and the violent tension around him began to recede.

He had received a call from a subordinate just now, reporting to him that he had found out the truth of the matter. The phone conversation had made him unable to restrain his anger and put him in a murderous mood.

It turned out that someone had the gall to play tricks under his nose, trying to frame Xu Xiyan. Hmph. He shall let them know the consequences for bullying his woman.

“I’m doing great!” Xu Xiyan smiled radiantly at him.

“I know everything about what happened to you. I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to go to the police station to help you out after you got into trouble.”

Huo Yunshen knew that he was wrong and he should apologize. Although he was working behind the scenes, he felt that he should’ve come to her first thing after she’d gotten into trouble.

Xu Xiyan knew that Huo Yunshen was usually very busy at work, as there were many matters to settle at the company. Her affairs were really nothing compared to his. “It’s okay. I’m fine now and isn’t that what matters now?”

“Yeah. I believe you. You were framed,” Huo Yunshen said.

“Thank you, Mr. Huo. I’m so glad that you believe in me. I’m very touched.”

She was really moved and thankful that he did not question or discriminate against her, and that he believed that she was framed.

Xu Xiyan felt warm in her heart. It felt really good to be cared for and trusted by the charming prince.

“Let’s go home now.”

Upon receiving his sweetheart, Huo Yunshen ordered his chauffeur to drive and return to Shengshi Yujing.

On the way back, Xu Xiyan received several calls, coming in one after another. The first one was from her grandfather, asking about her situation. The second one from was Fang Xiaocheng, who had called from her holiday location.

They had watched the news and knew that she was in trouble, and called her up out of concern.

Her grandfather wanted to help her find a lawyer. Fang Xiaocheng and Wang Dazhi were preparing to return from their holiday to support her.

Xu Xiyan told them that she was fine and there was nothing to be worried about.

After hanging up the phone, Xu Xiyan lowered her head and exhaled a deep breath.

Huo Yunshen guessed that Jia Qing’s case had greatly affected her. “Are you okay, Jing Xi?”

“I’m okay.”

Xu Xiyan looked up at him and beamed an optimistic smile at Huo Yunshen,

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