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“Don’t worry, I’ll head over there and settle it right away!” Tang Yitan said as if he’d just received an order from the king. He rushed out of the office.

He was willing to do anything as long as it didn’t involve sending him away for three months, and the incident with Xu Xiyan had come just in time.

With Xu Xiyan being taken into custody, news about Jia Qing being poisoned spread online with pictures from on stage and pictures of his face.

The news wasn’t going to be huge if it stayed as it was, but the author of the pictures pointed the blame towards Xu Xiyan.

Some even mentioned that Xu Xiyan was trying to take her revenge on Jia Qing, they even posted pictures of her being taken away by police.

Just as one scandal was ending, another began for Xu Xiyan.

In just a short time, Xu Xiyan was the most searched again, and people were commenting bad things about her with hateful hashtags.






Netizens began to discuss the incident, as Xu Xiyan had just walked off a huge scandal not long before.

[Who is Jia Qing? Jing Xi’s ex?]

[What a vile woman!]

[Is she trying to ruin her career?]

[Were they in a relationship? Anyone know the truth?]

[Man, I’ve never liked her before, and now she’s making it worse. What a scheming woman! She abandoned Jia Qing just to be with Xiao Ma, and now she’s trying to get rid of her ex with poison!]

[I thought she was working on “Red-Sleeved Beauty?” Why is she with Xiao Ma there now?]

[I heard that she was a stunt double for Huang Yanran there. She must’ve been trying to get rid of Huang Yanran for the leading spot.]

Huang Yanran was jumping up and down as soon as she saw that the whole thing with Jing Xi elevated.

Netizens were always the crowd who would believe anything people threw online without using even a fraction of their brains to think.

Some of the netizens were trying to investigate what had really happened that day.

But no one really cared about the truth.

Huang Yanran couldn’t help but be amazed by her own intellect. Everything that had happened was orchestrated by her. She was the one who had ordered He Liang to put poison in Jing Xi’s locker, and she was also responsible for spreading the news online.

Even the picture of Jing Xi being taken away by the police had been posted by her.

She’d been very cautious in handling every detail, there was no way that the blame would fall on her.

With her plan, she could eliminate Jing Xi as her opponent and make it hard for her to regain her fame.

There was no way that Huang Yanran would give Jing Xi any chance to climb back up to the spot she was at since one of Huang Yanran’s benefactors was Hua Shengguo, Peijing’s Chief of Police. If she wanted to, she could put an attempted murder charge around Xu Xiyan’s neck and call it a day.

If Jia Qing w

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