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Night fell and the city came alive with light.

The sky was dark when Xu Xiyan woke up. She sat up on the sofa, folded up her blanket, and then set it aside.

She walked out from the lounging room and saw Wandou still at the front desk, working overtime. “Wandou, you’re not off work yet?”

“Miss Jing Xi, you’re awake.” Wandou peeked over the front desk and said with a smile, “President Xiao is still working so I’m still working too. Overtime work.”

Xu Xiyan: “…”

To be honest, Xu Xiyan had never felt that there was any need for overtime work in this company. The company was usually empty and there wasn’t much business. Why the need for overtime?

“Oh right, Miss Jing Xi, President Xiao wanted you to go see her in her office after you woke up,” Wandou said.


Xu Xiyan went straight to the president’s office, and knocked on the door before pushing it open. “Qianqian, you wanted to see me?”

“Come over here, Yanyan.”

Xiao Yuqian saw her enter and pointed at the chair in front of her. Xu Xiyan came over and sat down, waiting for her to speak.

“Since Jia Qing’s case, you don’t have to work on “Root of Evil” anymore. They’ve already sent your pay over. Here, you can check it. It’s a total of 100,000 Yuan.”

Xiao Yuqian pushed a large, bulging envelope towards Xu Xiyan. Surprised, Xu Xiyan picked up the envelope, opened it and looked inside. “Why is there so much money?”

Xu Xiyan had calculated her pay according to market salary for a stunt double. Even if she had been worked to death, it still wouldn’t even amount to 10,000 Yuan. Why was there 100,000 Yuan now?

“The money is rightfully yours. Director Peng Sicheng calculated your pay so that it is a tenth of the lead actress’ pay. He was probably pleased with your performance,” Xiao Yuqian explained.

“Qianqian, I’m now an artist of Jingyue Entertainment. The money should be divided between me and the company. I can’t have this much.”

Xu Xiyan thought carefully. Since the money was being received after she joined Jingyue, it was only right that the company took a cut.

Moreover, she hadn’t brought in a single penny for the company after being part of it for so long and she felt bad about it.

“No need. Just keep it, you’ve earned it with your own hard work. When you’ve become big and famous, the company will be relying on you at that time.” Xiao Yuqiao laughed.

Big and famous…

Xu Xiyan wouldn’t think about it too much. Now, because of Jia Qing’s death, she was fortunate that she hadn’t been imprisoned. Her future was uncertain and she couldn’t imagine herself being big and famous.

“All right, keep the money safe,” Xiao Yuqiao continued. “Since you don’t have to work in either drama during this time, you should take time off and relax.”

She had heard that Huang Yanran, the lead actress for “Root of Evil,” had returned. So the director had settled Xu Xiyan’s pay and entrusted the money to Ma Haodong to bring it over to

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