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Huo Yunshen was the one who controlled the whole entertainment business. He would be the first to know if anything about Xu Xiyan popped up online.

Huo Yunshen sat in his office with rage and killing intent in his eyes.

He gripped his phone so tightly that his hand was getting pale, as if the screen was about to break under pressure.

He’d seen the news about Xu Xiyan that was posted online.

[Jing Xi Tried to Poison Jia Qing]

[Jing Xi Caught for Murder Attempt.]

Huo Yunshen couldn’t believe the headlines that he’d seen. How dare they blame that on her! Who the hell has the nerve to frame her?

Huo Yunshen instantly ordered Yi Xiao to investigate the matter.

With Huo Yunshen’s rage and Yi Xiao’s talent, they could even find the needle in the haystack instantly.

Being the boss of the whole entertainment business meant that Huo Yunshen had infinite access to a vast amount of powers and connections.

As long as he wanted something to happen, it would definitely happen.

In just a few minutes, Yi Xiao returned back with the shots that were taken when the accident happened, and Huo Yunshen went through the footage.

The shot clearly showed that Jia Qing went to the set to check on the prop that was malfunctioning, and that the flour accidentally fell on him.

It also showed that Xu Xiyan was the first to react, spraying Jia Qing with water from the hose. She even performed emergency treatment for him, and if she hadn’t, he wouldn’t even have survived until the ambulance arrived.

Xu Xiyan was a Samaritan, there was no reason for people to put the blame on her.

Unless someone was controlling the whole situation in the dark. Maybe the bag of flour was intended for Xu Xiyan, but Jia Qing took the fall. Huo Yunshen concluded. This is no pure accident, someone was trying to harm Jing Xi. But who? Who wants to harm her. We have to find out who was the one pulling strings in order to clear her name!

Huo Yunshen took out his phone and quickly ordered Yi Xiao to do a few things.

The first was to hand the shot that he just got over to Xiao Yuqian for further PR purposes.

The second was to go to the hospital and wait for Jia Qing to wake up.

The third was to have Tang Yitan go to the precinct as Xu Xiyan’s lawyer and get her out.

Even though Huo Yunshen couldn’t do anything in broad daylight, he still had the power to control everything from the dark.

Xu Xiyan rested her head on the wall while she sat on the bed in the holding cell. Tons of things were going through her mind.

Her phone had been taken away, and she had no method of understanding the situation that was going on outside.

What if grandpa knew about this? He would be worried! Huo Yunshen, too… Does he know about it already? Is Jia Qing still unconscious?

Xu Xiyan could only put her hopes in Jia Qing waking up.

Jia Qing was the only one who knew about the prop, as he was the one who set it up. Only his

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