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After they were done with the game, Xu Xiyan helped Huo Yunshen with his acupuncture and massage treatment. She used the electroacupuncture equipment she had brought from the Jing family house and performed electroacupuncture treatment on Huo Yunshen. The effectiveness of that treatment was much better than just normal acupuncture.

After taking care of Huo Yunshen, Xu Xiyan returned to her apartment through the crystal closet door.

It was still early and she wasn’t sleepy yet. She sat at the desk, turned on the computer which had come equipped with the room, and habitually logged into her online chat account.

As soon she logged in as “Yim”, a notification popped up with a message for her. Someone named “Staying For You” had left her a message.

Xu Xiyan clicked on the message. It turned out to be Xue Yating’s message for her.

She remembered that when she had met Xue Yating at the Memory Western Restaurant, the girl had insisted on getting her contact info and so she had given her this account name.

In the message, Xue Yating told her that she would be holding a concert at the Peijing Art Center on the 22nd and that she wanted to invite Mr. Ye to her concert and had reserved a ticket for him. When that time came, she would get her assistant to wait for him at the entrance to pass the ticket to him.

Xu Xiyan counted the days. The 22nd just happened to be the next day and was also the same day Ying Bao was going to participate in the preliminaries of the children’s talent competition. Coincidentally, both events were going to be held at the Peijing Art Center.

Ying Bao’s talent contest was going to be held in the afternoon and Xue Yating’s concert at night. There was no clash in timing.

Xu Xiyan could still accompany Ying Bao for the talent contest and then go for the concert at night. It was decided.

The truth was she did not want to go to the concert. She had only decided to go mainly because she would get a chance to meet up with Xue Yating, and she would not give up such a good opportunity.

Only by getting closer to Xue Yating would she have the chance to reclaim her mother’s violin.

Xu Xiyan noted down Xue Yating’s contact, then logged into the website of Xingrui Literature.

She was full of inspiration right now and wanted to write about something, eager to record all the ideas swimming in her mind.

Her hands fell onto the keyboard and started typing fervently, a line of words quickly appearing in sight.

——Deep in the Shadows of the Stars

Ever since knowing Huo Yunshen, Xu Xiyan had always wanted to write a novel about him. She had already decided on the title of the book. It was called “Deep in the Shadows of the Stars.”

Xu Xiyan pondered for a while, then quickly typed the name of the male protagonist—Qin Yishen.

As for the female protagonist, she shall be called Lin Ruyi.

Combining the two names together, it would become “Shenqing Ruyi,” meaning “deeply affectionate

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