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After dinner, Xu Xiyan took Ying Bao back to Room 102 to put her to sleep. Xu Xiyan still had to go back to 101 to perform acupuncture on Huo Yunshen.

Yet after they had showered, the little girl kept nudging her mother that she wanted to go over to 101 too. Xu Xiyan could only comply, and brought her along.

Huo Yunshen finished his shower and was surprised by the two ladies sitting in his living room. Both of them were wearing the same clothes, fitting for mother and daughter.

“Still haven’t slept?” Huo Yunshen asked.

Ying Bao heard his voice and got up from the couch.

“Uncle Dimple, can you tell me a story?” she asked. “I can’t sleep without a story.”

“The kid kept nudging me about it,” Xu Xiyan explained. “I had no choice but to bring her over too.”

“Of course,” Huo Yunshen said, happy that he still had time to spend with the little girl. “What kind of story do you like?”

“Anything!” Ying Bao smiled. “As long as it’s from Uncle Dimple, I’ll definitely love it.”

Ying Bao liked Huo Yunshen’s voice the most. It was a pleasure for her to listen to it.

“All right, come on,” Huo Yunshen said, opening his arms.

Ying Bao climbed over the couch and landed in his arms.

“How about a story named ‘Ugly Concubine’?” Huo Yunshen asked.

“Okay!” Ying Bao smiled while clapping her hands. “I want to listen to it on the bed.”

“Sure,” Huo Yunshen said and was about to turn into his bedroom.

“Xi Baby, push us,” Ying Bao said, as she was trying to give them a chance to intensify their relationship.

“Okay,” Xu Xiyan smiled and kept praising her smart daughter in her head.

As soon as they entered the bedroom, Ying Bao quickly climbed onto the bed and lay in the middle.

“Uncle Dimple, over here,” Ying Bao called out.

“Do you need me to help you?” Xu Xiyan asked as Huo Yunshen turned to look at her.

“It’s all right,” Huo Yunshen said and wheeled himself to the side of the bed. He grabbed the handle that was specially built beside the bed and pulled himself onto it.

Huo Yunshen was used to doing it every day, and it came so naturally that other people wouldn’t even notice that he was crippled.

Huo Yunshen and Ying Bao were both lying on the bed when Ying Bao patted the bed on her other side.

“Xi Baby, over here,” Ying Bao smiled.

Wait, what? Is that appropriate?

Even though Xu Xiyan wanted to jumped straight onto the bed and into Huo Yunshen’s arm, she still tried to keep her inner beast down.

She was afraid that she might scare him if she was too straightforward.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea…” Xu Xiyan blushed as if she was a teenage girl in love.

Oh my god! Ying Bao was already screaming in her head. Come on, mummy! I’m trying to give you a chance here! What are you doing? Don’t you like Uncle Dimple? I really like him!

“I’m so pitiful,” Ying Bao began to fake a cry. “I’ve never had a father since I was born, and mummy doesn’t have the time to acco

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