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The proof was the save that Peng Sicheng needed. If Huang Yanran was to return to the set, they wouldn’t have to alter any of the stories, and the shooting could proceed as usual.

“Hurry up and contact her!” Peng Sicheng ordered Mr. Xing. “Tell her to come in as soon as possible!”

“Wait!” Peng Sicheng suddenly stopped Mr. Xing as he was just about to go get his phone. “I’ll call her myself.”

If Huang Yanran got the respect she wanted from Peng Sicheng, she would definitely take the chance.

And in just two hours, Huang Yanran returned to the set as the lead actress again..

She was in a good mood, and she’d prepared presents for all the staff members.

Xiao Yuqian and Tang Yitan arrived at the East Peijing Police Department to take care of Xu Xiyan’s bail.

But Captain Guo refused to let Xu Xiyan leave, saying that she was still the main suspect for the case.

“Captain Guo, we’ve followed the procedure and brought enough money for the bail,” Tang Yitan said strictly. “The reason that you’ve provided for not approving her bail is too unreasonable.”

“My apologies, Mr. Tang,” Captain Guo said. “But the families of the victim has already sued her for murder. We have strict orders from the higher-ups to not release her. Please understand.”

Tang Yitan was one of the best lawyers in the world. Even Captain Guo had to bow his head down to him. But he had no choice but to keep holding Xu Xiyan in custody because of the orders from the chief.

“Yet, before the trial begins, every suspect is innocent,” Tang Yitang replied. “They still have the same rights to freedom as any other people. I don’t have to tell you the details, do I?”

What a joke! Tang Yitan scolded in his head. A higher-up following a poisoning case? Looks like this is more than just your average case! There must be someone pulling strings behind them.

“The law does state that,” Captain Guo replied. “But we have our orders, and we can’t go against them. I’m really sorry!”

Xiao Yuqian was already tired of looking at Captain Guo and Tang Yitan’s arguments.

“Captain Guo,” Xiao Yuqian said as she threw a letter in front of Captain Guo. “This is the letter of guarantee from our boss.”

Captain Guo was shocked by the letter and quickly picked it up only to see the signature on the letter belonged to Yunhai Entertainment’s CEO, Huo Yunshen.

That settles everything! Captain Guo shouted in his head. With such a powerful person as a guarantor, anything is possible.

Captain Guo told them to wait and took the letter to his chief.

“Since you had the letter, why didn’t you just pull it out earlier?” Tang Yitan asked.

“Because our boss wanted to see how good you are at your job first,” Xiao Yuqian smiled. “Since he’s paying you a hefty amount for your salary.”


Huo Yunshen! Tang Yitan shouted in his head. You’re dead!

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