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Many people on set had heard of Cherry Baby, or had even watched her livestreaming before.

No one would have thought that the little influencer would participate in today’s talent contest.

In the living room of the Huo family mansion, the two elderly people could not help but cheer when the little girl made her transformation.

“Oh my, she’s actually a little girl! How pretty is she! Look at her face, it’s as pretty as a flower.” Chen Yunlu was full of praises.

“Yeah! I did not expect her to be a little girl. She danced really well,” Huo Zhen continued.

Hearing the little girl self-introduced to be “Cherry Baby,” Chen Yunlu understood. “Oh, she’s called Cherry Baby!”

Huo Yunshen smiled, as he had not expected Cherry Baby to join the talent contest. Her performance was great.

Chen Yunlu looked carefully at the little girl’s features and had a surprising discovery, “Hey, Huo! Look at the girl’s features, doesn’t she resemble our son?”

Huo Zhen looked closely and then looked at his son. “You don’t say! They do look alike!”

Chen Yunlu subconsciously grew fonder of the little girl, and said with surprise, “Not just alike! Look at her dimples when she smiles. Aren’t they just like Yunshen’s when he was young?”

“Yes! They really look alike!”

The two elders had no idea that their son was sitting behind them while they chatted.

Chen Yunlu sighed, “If Yunshen had a girlfriend a few years back, he might have a child of this age too. Wouldn’t it be great if we had a granddaughter of this age!”

Huo Zhen replied, “Yeah, but with Yunshen’s health conditions now, it will be impossible for you to have a grandchild, even if he got married.”

“Sigh. I just feel sad upon the thought of it. Don’t tell me that our son can only be lonely forever? What if one day the two of us pass away, he will be left all alone!”

“Don’t worry, maybe we can have Yunshen adopt a child.”

“Sigh. There’s still a difference between an adopted child and your own child…”

Hearing his parents sighs and worries just by watching a TV show, Huo Yunshen felt that he had let them down.”

He felt a bit emotional, but he said nothing and left the living room.

At the Peijing Arts Centre, the preliminaries came to an end, and Number 36, Cherry Baby, was awarded the highest score and titled first for the preliminaries.

When Ying Bao came out, Fang Xiaocheng hugged her in excitement. She praised, “Little Cherry, you are amazing! Your performance was awesome!”

Ying Bao giggled, “That’s because the snacks Aunt Orange bought were delicious! I felt energetic while dancing after eating the snacks!”

“Oh my! You are such a sweet-talker! Aunt loves you so much!” Fang Xiaocheng kissed the little girl.

After the contest, the group of adults left the Arts Centre with Ying Bao.

Fang Xiaocheng and Wang Dazhi left together. After sending her grandpa and Ying Bao back to the Jing family mansion, Xu Xiyan was preparing to

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