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Huo Yunshen invited both beauties into his house. It was Ying Bao’s first time visiting his home, and she ran back and forth.

“Uncle Dimple,” Ying Bao called out while touching a wall. “Is it true that 101 and 102 are only separated by a wall?”

“Yup,” Huo Yunshen replied.

“I think this design is stupid,” Ying Bao frowned.

“Oh?” Huo Yunshen raised an eyebrow and asked. “Why is that?”

“Why can’t we remove this wall?” Ying Bao asked with her head tilted. “Then I could see Uncle Dimple from the next house too!”


Oh my, you’re so considerate! I really wanted to do so, but I’m afraid your Xi Baby wouldn’t agree to that…

“Well, you can still see me whenever you want without taking the wall down,” Huo Yunshen explained. “You can come over whenever you want.”

“But it’s so troublesome,” Ying Bao said. “Why can’t we build a door here? Like that, I can come back and forth!”


That is a good idea, but I’m not sure if I should do that or not… Huo Yunshen pondered in his head.

Ying Bao was trying her best to get Huo Yunshen and her mother closer together. It was as if she was trying to tell him to go for Xu Xiyan right away.

“I think that’s a good idea,” Xu Xiyan suddenly came in and said while holding three ice-cream cones on her hands. “It would be easier if there was a door here.”

Mummy is right! Ying Bao agreed in her head as she kept nodding.

“…” Huo Yunshen turned his head and looked at Xu Xiyan. Am I hearing things? Did she just suggest that we should build a door here? Isn’t that like having a secret relationship or something?

“I’m serious, Mr. Huo,” Xu Xiyan said as she handed one of the ice-cream cones to Ying Bao. “It’s quite troublesome to go through the front door every time. It would be easier for me to get into your house if we had a door here.”

Huo Yunshen was already celebrating in his head but kept on a poker face.

“But, is that really good?” Huo Yunshen asked. “I mean, you’re a single lady, and I…”

“We could just make it less suspicious,” Xu Xiyan suggested. “Like building something to cover the door up and only the three of us know about it.”

Xu Xiyan couldn’t care less about her image. She was doing everything to get closer to her Prince Charming. If Huo Yunshen were to decline her offer, she would definitely get angry.

“Uncle Dimple, can we build the door? A huge door!” Ying Bao said as she drew a huge door on the wall.

“O-okay then, I’ll ask someone to take care of it tomorrow,” Huo Yunshen said. There was no way that he could decline such a beneficial offer from both of the ladies.

Oh yeah! Xu Xiyan screamed in her head.

Huo Yunshen made a call to Yi Xiao and had him handle the door right away.

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