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She was really surprised that Huo Yunshen was able to get pictures from her childhood. She had already forgotten when the images had been taken. How did he get them?

Xu Xiyan put the photo frame down. She looked up, and was surprised to find a beautiful doll.

The doll was fashioned like a princess. It had long hair that extended down to its waist and was wearing a white, gorgeous long dress, her head crowned with a beautiful veil and tiara. The headpiece was decorated with diamonds and precious gems. It was extraordinarily dazzling and magnificent.

Xu Xiyan recognized the brand of the doll and had also read news about it before. The brand name was “Enchanted-Doll” and it was a luxury doll brand created by an artist from Gstan, Marina Bychkova.

They said that each doll was hand-made by the artist and it was a difficult and time-consuming process to make one. Every doll was unique and highly customized, and their price was nothing to sneeze at.

The estimated value of this luxuriously fashioned doll must have been at least one million!

Xu Xiyan marveled at the beauty of the doll but was also speechless at Huo Yunshen’s generous spending at the same time. Had he really ordered a custom-made doll for her?

Why did it resemble her a little?

It was true that the doll was made according to Xu Xiyan’s appearance. Huo Yunshen had spent a fortune to order it from Gstan for Xu Xiyan. It was the only one in the world.

Xu Xiyan could not describe how surprised she was feeling inside. Not many girls would be able to contain their feelings after receiving a present like this.

After admiring the wall closet, Xu Xiyan noticed that there was a crystal button on the wall cabinet. Was it a switch?

She pressed the crystal button out of curiosity, and surely enough, there was a click, and the crystal wall closet began to move to the side slowly, and a door appeared in front of her eyes.

Xu Xiyan stood at the door and looked outside. She saw Huo Yunshen, who was drinking water.

Huo Yunshen heard some movement. He put down his glass, turned around and saw her too.

Xu Xiyan pursed her rosy lips into a smile and waved at him. At the same time, Huo Yunshen curled his lips into a charming smile and waved back at her.

Then, Xu Xiyan closed the door of the crystal wall closet, once again separating Huo Yunshen and herself into two different worlds.

Although she could no longer see the man’s beautiful face and soulful eyes, the enchanting image of him still lingered in her mind, unable to fade away.

Xu Xiyan held onto her hot cheeks, her heart beating fast. Oh, what should I do?

She really liked a considerate and thoughtful man like him. She felt the strong urge to ask him: Mr. Huo, I like you. Do you like me, too…?

He should like her too, right?

If not, why did he order a custom-made doll for her?

Should she rush over and confess to him now?

No, no! Stay calm, stay calm!

Xu Xiyan told

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