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Ma Haodong slowly turned around, ignoring the cameras. He glowered at the angry family members and the middle-aged woman who had just splashed him with paint.

“Go ahead! Make more trouble! But let me tell you, every one of you must be responsible for your actions today! Is Jing Xi really responsible for Jia Qing’s death? The police have not even concluded their investigation. So what evidence do you have to accuse Jing Xi with? Whether Jia Qing’s death was an accident or a murder, the truth will come one day. Friends of the media, point your cameras at these people, remember every one of their faces, and write down everything they’ve done today. When that day comes, I want all of you who accused Jing Xi, all of you who wronged her, to apologize to her.”

Ma Haodong’s stern words had stunned those who had made trouble.

In fact, some of those troublemakers were not Jia Qing’s family members at all. They had deliberately blended themselves into the crowd to incite trouble.

Ma Haodong’s speech in her defense had shaken Xu Xiyan too. Brother Dong, it’s just that… you’ve suddenly appeared and got yourself tangled along with me. Is it a good idea?

Those paparazzi are going to scribble nonsense again. Aren’t your fangirls going to tear me apart?

While everyone was still stunned by Ma Haodong’s words, Xiao Yuqian seized the opportunity to escort Xu Xiyan into the building first, Ma Haodong following shortly after.

The reporters saw them going into the building and started to chase after them but were stopped by a few dark-suited bodyguards. They guarded the main entrance of Jingyue Entertainment, and nobody could enter and disturb them.

Inside the company, Xu Xiyan was finally safe. She asked Xiao Yuqian, “Qianqian, what’s going on? Is Jia Qing dead?”

“Yes.” Xiao Yuqian nodded and comforted her, “Don’t worry about it, I will handle the matter.”

Xu Xiyan was silent. Jia Qing was dead.

It didn’t matter if he had died, but she was afraid that from now on, she had to carry a reputation of a killer!

The glass door swung open again. Xu Xiyan saw Ma Haodong come in, his body covered with paint. She ran over to him. “Brother Dong, are you okay?”

“I’m fine.” Ma Haodong took off his paint-drenched coat and tossed it into the trash can. He looked at Xiao Yuqian and sighed. “I say, President Xiao, I did a good job shielding you from paint back there. You should compensate me by buying a new set of clothes for me.”

“That was your own doing.” Xiao Yuqian glared at him coldly and walked back into her office.

She didn’t even need Ma Haodong’s help at all. He had created even more trouble with his appearance, and god knows what kind of nonsense the media was going to write about right now.

Ma Haodong was baffled. What did she mean by it was his own doing?

If he hadn’t rushed in in time, they would all be drenched in red paint.

He was completely soaked through, and this woman actually said that he had

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