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While the topic about Jing Xi’s poisoning case was still trending on the internet, news about her and Ma Haodong had once again boarded the trending list.

Ma Haodong’s fans were divided into two camps. One praised him for being a hero for saving the damsel in distress. The other camp was trying to persuade him to keep away from Jing Xi and stop getting involved with her affairs, as she was bad luck.

No matter how much the matter escalated on the internet, it would not affect Xu Xiyan.

What kind of storm hadn’t she been through before?

As long as she had a clear conscience, she would not care about what other people said. Not even the most offensive remarks would bother her.

Right now, she only cared about Huo Yunshen and her daughter, Ying Bao.

Today, Xu Xiyan did not sleep in. She got up early and made breakfast for Huo Yunshen, and then drove back to the Jing family house.

She had promised Ying Bao that she would accompany her for the whole duration of the contest and become her personal stylist.

In the morning, Xu Xiyan took Ying Bao to the Xiaohonghua Dance Center to rehearse her dance performance and prepare for the preliminaries in the afternoon.

In the afternoon, Xu Xiyan took her daughter and her grandfather to the Peijing Art Center. On the way there, Fang Xiaocheng had called, telling her that she and Dazhi had come back from their holiday and they were coming to cheer for the little baby.

After arriving at the art center, they met up with Fang Xiaocheng and her boyfriend. Ying Bao remembered someone, then asked her mother, “Xi Baby, will Uncle Dimples come and see me?”

“Uncle Dimples is very busy at work, but he knows that you’re participating in the competition and he will definitely watch your performance on TV!”

The truth was Xu Xiyan had not told Huo Yunshen about Ying Bao’s talent competition. She was worried that he would come and his presence would upset her grandfather.

Knowing that Uncle Dimples would watch her on TV, the little girl felt happy inside. She would make sure that she did her best and put on a good performance.

Meanwhile, at the Huo family mansion…

WIth Yi Xiao’s company, Huo Yunshen came back to visit his grandfather.

If he did not know that his grandpa’s health was worsening, Huo Yunshen would not have been willing to return to the Huo family.

In the Moxiang residence, Huo Xun was lying on his bed. When he saw his grandson, Huo Yunshen, coming into his room, he immediately began to cough violently.

Huo Yunshen heard the heart-wrenching coughs, thinking that his grandfather must be very sick. He rushed over to his grandfather and asked about his condition anxiously.

“Grandpa, are you all right?” Huo Yunshen asked as he held onto the old man’s hands.

“Oh, Yunshen…” the old man coughed again. “Grandpa is okay…”

Huo Xun’s cough sounded more terrible than those with late-stage lung cancer. His old wrinkled face was very red an

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