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“I think you’re more nervous,” Xu Xiyan laughed, teasing Fang Xiaocheng.

Fang Xiaocheng released her hands and realized that her palms were wet and sticky. Indeed, she was more nervous.

Xu Xiyan was not nervous at all. She had confidence in her daughter. After all, the little girl often did livestreams and she was very used to being in front of the camera. She was not easily stage-frightened.

It was already halfway through the competition and more than 30 young contestants had already performed on stage. Soon it would be Number 36’s turn.

At this moment, Xu Xiyan’s mobile phone vibrated. She took out her phone and looked at it. It turned out to be her second senior, Ye Xun.

It was not convenient to answer the call now, as she wanted to watch the show. She rejected the call but Ye Xun kept calling back, her phone vibrating non-stop.

Xu Xiyan wondered if her second senior had something urgent that he was trying to contact her about. She left her seat quietly, body bent as she headed outside to answer the call.


As soon she answered the call, Ye Xun’s voice came hollering over the phone, “Little Xixi! You little devil! You actually dare hang up my call?!”

“No, second senior! It’s just that it wasn’t convenient to answer your call just now. Tell me, what’s the matter?” Xu Xiyan explained.

“Okay, listen to me carefully. I’ve already arrived at Peijing airport, so come and pick me up quickly!”

Ye Xun’s temper was bad and so were his manners. In short, he was very unhappy because Xu Xiyan had hung up his call earlier.

“What? You’ve already arrived at Peijing airport? What are you doing in Zstan?”

Xu Xiyan couldn’t describe how shocked she was. She felt shivers creeping up her spine at the thought of meeting Ye Xun.

Could this guy just give her a break for a few days?

“Hey! What do you mean by what am I doing in Zstan? I’m here to see you, of course! You’re so heartless! It’s decided then! You’ll get your ass here right now and pick me up!” said the man haughtily.

Because of their close friendship, Ye Xun and Xu Xiyan had never restrained themselves in their conversations and they would say whatever came to mind.

Ye Xun had treated her very rudely. Of course, Xu Xiyan had to treat Ye Xun the same way too. An eye for an eye.

“I don’t have the time. If you want to come over, you can take a taxi. If not, just screw yourself back to Estan.”

Xu Xiyan was still waiting to watch Ying Bao’s performance. How would she get the time to go pick him up?

Also, she felt like complaining. Since a big man like him had already arrived at the Peijing airport, how much trouble would it be for him to just grab a taxi?

He would rather shamelessly ask a woman to go pick him up!

How dra-ma-tic!

“Little Xixi, how dare you talk to me like that! Fine, let me tell you something! If I can’t see you in person, I will announce to the world that Ying Bao is our daughter. Hmph!”


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