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About ten minutes later, Captain Guo came out with Xu Xiyan behind him.

“Jing Xi.” In public, Xiao Yuqian would call Xu Xiyan by her stage name.

“Qianqian.” Xu Xiyan was moved to see Xiao Yuqian, but when she saw that Tang Yichen was present too, she became baffled. “Eh? Why is Mr. Tang here too?”

Tang Yichen raised his eyebrows and grinned. “Oh, I was on the way to the market to buy some veggies. I’m just stopping by.”

Xu Xiyan: “…” Is there really such a coincidence?

Xiao Yuqian rolled her eyes at Tang Yichen, then smiled at Xu Xiyan and explained, “Mr. Tang is my friend. I’ve asked him to come and help you. You’re okay now. Let’s go back, I’ll tell you more later.”

“Sorry to have troubled you all,” Xu Xiyan said gratefully.

After Xu Xiyan was bailed out, Tang Yichen returned and reported back to Yunhai. Xu Xiyan was still unaware of Jia Qing’s death. Xiao Yuqian took her back to Jingyue Entertainment.

A group of people had gathered outside of Jingyue Entertainment. They were reporters and the victim’s family members. As Xu Xiyan and the others were getting out of the van, they came swarming over to them.

“It’s Jing Xi!”

“Jing Xi, you killed Jia Qing! You’ll pay with your life!”

“Jing Xi, you are a murderer!”

“Jing Xi, you shall die a horrible death…”

Jia Qing’s angry family members began to make verbal attacks on Xu Xiyan. The reporters stood around them with their cameras, clicking and filming away, all wanting to seize first-hand information.

Xu Xiyan looked at the middle-aged women in front of her. They were hysterical, wanting to lunge forward to grab her and scratch her. Fortunately, Xiao Yuqian was there to protect her so they could not harm her.

The reporters, unwilling to lose this opportunity to interview her, shoved their microphones into her face. “Jing Xi, Jia Qing has died in the hospital. Do you know anything about it?”

“Jing Xi, why did you kill Jia Qing? Did you share a past with him?”

“Jing Xi, the rumors say that Jia Qing is your ex-boyfriend and that he had been giving you trouble. Is this why you disfigured and eventually killed him? So you could escape from him?”

“Jing Xi, say something! You have to give us an explanation!”

Each question came to her sharper than before. Xu Xiyan was shocked and speechless. Jia Qing is dead?

He suddenly died in the hospital?

Didn’t they say that Jia Qing was out of danger?

How did he suddenly die?

Xu Xiyan had originally planned to visit Jia Qing at the hospital after she was out of the police station.

She had wanted to ask him something after he had woken up. But now, he was dead?

Xu Xiyan realized that if Jia Qing was dead, the only person who knew the truth of the incident was gone, too. She was afraid that this case had become even more difficult to solve.

Just as Xu Xiyan was trying to make her way into the company building under Xiao Yuqian’s protection, one of Jia Qing’s ma

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