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The moment Marietta displayed the potions, the guests gasped and held their breaths.

"So that's the miracle potion that can possibly get us a new ability!"

"The colour is so pretty. It looks legit."

"Hey, you're an alchemist, right? Have you ever seen that potion before?"

"I haven't. My seniors said the potion isn't supposed to exist on the human continent. It's rumoured to be an elf's potion."

"Elf's potion? Damn! We have to get it then!"

"Well, sure, but don't forget the big shots are also aiming for those items…"

While the guests were excitedly talking about the first type of potion to be sold, Marietta gripped the microphone once before speaking gently.

"The starting price of the first pseudo-awakening potion will be anything that has an equal value with an adult fist-sized 7-coloured energy crystal!"

Once Marietta announced the base price, the guests sucked in the cold air once more.

Ishhhh, that's more than $1 million! As expected of a miracle potion. The starting price itself is already above average!

However, the guests were all rich and influential people. A million dollars in exchange for a potion like that was already cheap.

The final price would definitely sky-rocketed!

Indeed, a few seconds after, the guests started to raise their hands to bid.

"Oh, the gentleman over there bid 1.5 million dollars in cash!"

"Ah, two pieces of 7-coloured energy crystals...adult fist size!"

"Another one– a Holy beast's perfect fur! Worth 3.5 million dollars!"

"A high-rank elite monster core with metal elements? Worth 6 million dollars!"

Since the guests could use any items that have the same value when converted to dollars, many guests were offering rare and exotic items to bid for the potions.

Thus, the appraiser that Ainsley hired got to work now. He estimated the price of the item offered and also appraised whether it's real or not.

The guests only need to raise the item, and the appraiser's eagle-eye skill would immediately evaluate them.

So far, the appraiser had helped Ainsley to identify several items that the guests brought. While sitting near backstage, the appraiser kept telling Marietta the item's worth.

"That one is 6 million dollars. It's authentic, yes."

At the same time, he also looked at Ainsley, who's sitting next to him, to confirm whether the baby wanted the item or not.

Even if the item had a higher value than the others, if Ainsley didn't want it, she could casually reject the item to be used as a bidding item.

Thus, the guests came prepared. They brought all things that Ainsley might take interest in.

"Hmm, dat monstel cole is gwood...6 millions is owkay fol one bottwle." Ainsley secretly contacted Marietta through the earpiece that the woman was wearing.

"Settle for the monstel cole. Me want it."

With Ainsley deciding the final transaction, Marietta immediately announced the result.


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