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Long Shu has reached Mid-Stage Heaven Profound Realm while her real combat strength is even stronger than her realm, now she was holding a divine artifact in her hand, her combat strength almost surpassed the limit of Heaven Profound Realm.

The shockwave released by the explosion was too powerful. Furthermore, Now that the cave abode was too narrow, the shockwave had nowhere to be vented. Naturally, it reverberated unceasingly here.

The powerful sound waves received a huge boost in the cave. The restrictions in the surroundings were finally unable to stop the sound waves from reverberating endlessly. They began to collapse.

Rock walls began to fall from all directions. Feng Yun and Long Shu started to fall from all directions. Feng Yun was about to be hit by the falling rocks but at this time, Long Shu took action and brought inside the Nirvana Flame Cauldron.

Before he fell in the cauldron, he could still hear the hoarse voice cursing angrily, "Little bastard, you are so cruel. I will make you die a horrible death..."


Outside the mountain, Lin Meifen, Lin Mengyao, Gu Liqiu, and the others who were lucky enough to escape were thousands of meters away from the mountain.

When they saw the mountain peak that suddenly exploded, their expressions became incomparably shocked.

This mountain peak had not been destroyed during the warring era, but now it began to collapse.

Waves of rumbling sounds rang out endlessly as if the sky was about to sink.

When the sound disappeared, that mountain peak actually seemed to have disappeared out of thin air. Not even the Rock Dust remained on the spot. It was only an empty flat land as if that mountain peak had never appeared in that place before.

Everyone was dumbstruck as they looked at this scene. Their eyes were filled with incomparable shock.

"He... he disappeared. Impossible!" Lin Meifen's heart felt as if it was stabbed by a knife as she muttered in pain.

Gu Liqiu thought that "he" was referring to "it, and immediately nodded and replied," That's right. This remnant soul is too powerful. I don't know what method it used to move this mountain peak away."

Lin Meifen did not reply to Gu Liqiu's words. She merely sat on the ground in a daze. Her beautiful eyes were filled with tears as she muttered, "He died in order to save me... He died in order to save me... Boohoo...

Lin Meifen suddenly started to cry and gave in to Gu Liqiu who was very puzzled.

The two siblings of the Ling family must have entered the cave abode. Now that they are both alive, why are they still crying so sadly?

A figure suddenly appeared in Gu Liqiu's mind. "Could it be him?

Lin Mengyao calmed down and comforted Lin Meifen, "Little sister, don't blame yourself. I think Feng Yun will be fine if he is lucky.

"But..." Lin Meifen wanted to say something, but her throat seemed to be blocked by something.

The explosion just now was earth-shattering.

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