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Seon-Hyeok learned of the existence of a deeper and greater malice when he encountered the Messenger of Chaos. At that time, he was able to vaguely gauge the power of the Fragment of Chaos.

But at this moment, he could not help but admit it.

He had known nothing. The Messenger of Chaos was nothing in front of a truly great evil.

It was fundamentally different from the minor malice that provoked discomfort. The enormous energy currently approaching simply existed.

But despite this, the refugees froze in place and dropped down, submitting to the unseen force.

“Mother, please protect us…”


Even the fairies, unshakable even at the prospect of the end of the world, were deathly pale as they gathered near the Eternal Flowers and prayed for their Mother’s protection.

It truly seemed as though the world was about to end.

The Dark Lord had suddenly emerged with his army of the dead and all sorts of horrific beings.

“Ah, this is even bigger than I thought.”

Only Seon-Hyeok maintained his composure in such a dire situation. He neither lost hope in the face of the great evil threatening to devour the world, nor was he intimidated.

He was the dragon’s sole companion in this world. Though he may be weaker than the demon king with his Fragment of Chaos, it was not as though he was individually lacking compared to his counterpart.


As soon as he spoke, Seon-Hyeok abandoned his human form and transformed into a draconian.


It was not a conscious growl. Thedraconian’sunusually strong fighting spirit identified the Dark Lord as an enemy and encouraged him.

Once his will grew strong, it became an aura that enveloped him and a light that repelled the surrounding demonic energy.

A brilliant light spread out in all directions.

And at that moment, the air, previously suppressed by an irresistible evil, suddenly changed.

The refugees, shaking while flat on their stomachs as though they were facing apocalypse, raised their heads and flocked to his side one-by-one. TheQeishascarried the inheritance given by the Mother Tree and also came to him.


Seon-Hyeok continued to let out a throat-scratching growl.


The low growl soon became a howl that resonated throughout the area.

At this moment, it was neither demonic energy nor malice that dominated the space.

It was no longer a land ruled by the Dark Lord, but rather indisputably one controlled by the dragon’s will.


Najima, after seemingly having given up on everything in the presence of the irresistible evil, spoke in an overwhelmed voice as she saw the shining, golden draconian.

Her eyes no longer showed the despair from before.

“Prepare for battle!”

The same held true for the otherQeishas. They remembered they had a powerful ally at their side and grabbed their bows.

“We’ll help!”

It did not matter the size of the demonic horde swarming th

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