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Qin Yu’s sudden attack caused the situation to take a turn for the worse. Lei Xiaoyu’s eyes flew open; even she hadn’t expected this.

But after spending several months together she had come to know Qin Yu’s personality. Although he wasn’t a pure and kind-hearted gentleman, he still had a bottom line he wouldn’t cross.

If Cui Yongji and his disciple could be trusted, then he wouldn’t mind generously receiving them for the evening and helping them avoid the terrors of the blood moon.

Since he attacked, there had to be a problem with these two. Although she had no idea how Qin Yu had discovered this, she didn’t doubt it at all.

Thinking of this, her complexion paled and her heart started to race.

Lei Xiaoyu was smart to begin with. Now that she regained her senses and thought for a moment, she had guessed the truth.

The reason Cui Yongji and his disciple had put on such a kind façade and didn’t attack her was because they feared the spell Qin Yu placed on the entrance to the tree hole.

If the blood moon arrived and Qin Yu still hadn’t returned, they would have torn off their hypocritical faces. Just thinking about the consequences left Lei Xiaoyu shivering with fear!

In fact, her guess was extremely close to the truth. When Cui Yongji was caught off guard by Qin Yu’s fist, his eyes darkened. He couldn’t figure it out at all. His act had been so perfect, so how had this boy discovered it?

Whatever. The blood moon was about to arrive. He had no time to waste contemplating such things.

Originally he wanted to save his strength dealing with these two people, but now he had to expend some effort.

That’s right, even though Cui Yongji had been discovered by Qin Yu and had also been caught off guard, he still possessed absolute self-confidence.

This was just a junior that hadn’t stepped into the God boundary. Even if he had some strength, how could he be his opponent?

“Go. Break open the imprisonment over the entrance and catch that woman!” Cui Yongji sneered. He raised a hand and blazing flames condensed from nothingness, forcing Qin Yu back.

Behind him, his disciple grinned diabolically and shot up into the skies. With a punch, the temperature in the world drastically fell and large snowflakes started to fall.

“Xiaoyu, hide in the tree hole!” Qin Yu shouted. He avoided a scarlet fire saber. The black robes he wore were torn open to reveal charred red skin.

At this time, his eyebrows flew up. A feeling of fear descended, thoroughly submerging his mind.

This feeling…the blood moon was about to arrive!

Across from him, Cui Yongji frowned before gravely smiling. “Junior, consider yourself lucky. I don’t have time to play with you.”

He stepped forward and vanished from sight. “Let’s end this!”

As these ice-cold words still tumbled in the air, his figure flickered in front of Qin Yu. He thrust out a finger.

With a roar, Qin Yu seemed unable to dodge. He lifted his arms and gra

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