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At night, I possessed Zhi Yan’s body and went to find Mo Qing. When I entered through the door, I just heard him give an order to someone. He said that he wanted to imprison Yuan Jie in the dungeon under Chen Ji Mountain’s main peak.

Yuan Jie unexpectedly did not run away? I was a little surprised. Mo Qing knew what he had done and in spite of everything did not kill him? This made me even more surprised.

Even someone who had betrayed Mo Qing, he would choose benevolence and spare his life? Under this selective benevolence of Mo Qing’s, it made me truly not understand him.

But as for me, it was actually better that he did not kill Yuan Jie. After all in my eyes, Yuan Jie was only disloyal to Mo Qing but not to me. Even up until now, he was still extremely loyal to me. Otherwise, he would not want to kill Liu Cang Ling on that day and said those kinds of words that he wanted to help the former Sect Leader release her hatred.

This old man still remembered me in his heart. He was not satisfied with someone like Mo Qing Up to the extent that he wanted to borrow someone else’s hand to kill Mo Qing. But after everything was revealed, he would rather be captured than to flee. It was also probably because he was sentimental towards Wan Lu Sect.

How about after I waited for my strength to grow a little stronger, I could go straight to Yuan Jie and clarify my identity. Then I would drag him out of the dungeon and let him become my right-hand man again…

Just as I was mulling things over in my mind, my eyes shifted and I saw arranged in Mo Qing’s room the sparkling shine of Liu He Tian YI Sword. I felt that all other matters should be put aside for next time.

The only serious matter right now was to show loyalty and seduce Mo Qing.

“Master.” I called out to him and Mo Qing raised his head to glance at me. Mo Qing just finished talking to the Dark Guard; he bowed his head discreetly as he received his orders and instantly departed. Mo Qing raised his head and shot a glance at me, his expression never wavered and it seemed a bit colder compared to before.

He bowed his head and wrote characters, ignoring me.

As I advanced forward with small steps, I frowned in distress and said, “You’re always busy with handling affairs, you don’t even rest a bit? Yesterday, you came to save me and the day before, you went out to fetch the sword; you at least have not slept in two days…”

The sound of Mo Qing’s voice was indifferent: “No bother. In my dream, no one makes an appearance anyways.”

Hiss, these words of his had significant meaning. Moreover, it sounded like… He was having a tantrum?

He felt that since I entered other people’s dreams, therefore, he was unhappy? But it was obviously me, Lu Zhao Yao, who entered other people’s dreams. Could it be that he also wanted to see Lu Zhao Yao in his dream?

Oh, maybe it was indeed true. After all, in the beginning, the reason I used to keep close to Mo Qing was — ‘Lu Zhao

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