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Walking through the market of Feng Zhou City, all kinds of demons and ghouls were all turning to look at Mo Qing and I.

At first, I thought that it was because this Wan Lu Sect Leader, Mo Qing, was just too dazzling. In the end, I did not expect that it was Liu He Tian Yi Sword that I held caught their eyes. Anyways, it was also true that Mo Qing’s unassuming black robe did not flamboyantly display the level of his cultivated foundation. When looking from the outside, it was completely impossible to know what kind of person he was.

Moreover, from my understanding of the first few years was that after Mo Qing took over Wan Lu Sect, he very rarely left Chen Ji Mountain. Therefore, besides from the high-level disciples of Wan Lu Sect, I anticipated that no one in the world knew what he looked like.

But on the contrary, this Liu He Tian Yi Sword that I held in my hand, made crackling echoes and flashed non-stop the entire way. The only thing missing was the roaring voice for everyone to hear–“Look at me, look at me; I’m Liu He Tian Yi Sword!”

‘So ostentatious, I like it a lot.’

I held my head high and puffed out my chest as I walked with extreme pride.

In fact, flaunting your wealth in Feng Zhou City was a very dangerous matter because you could not guarantee that a hand would not appear from the dark with the ability to steal the wealth that belongs to you. Before, I was not in the least afraid, even if it was at Feng Zhou City exhibiting my wealthiness. In the front, I dispatched eight people to clear the road for me. In the middle, I requested eight people to carry the palanquin for me. In the rear, I ordered eight people to announce my presence for me. This allowed the masses to look at me with their eyes brighter and stand with their bodies lowered because I, Lu Zhao Yao, was coming.

Although the present could not be compared with the previous, because my status was different now and I also could not exhibit my wealth like before. It was inevitable that my heart experienced some dejection and disappointment. But I was still not in the least afraid because beside me was still Wan Lu Sect Leader. If I wanted to bully them, I could still bully them properly.

“Master, where are we going to buy the sheath?” I asked Mo Qing.

Mo Qing glanced at the small alley ahead: “We’re almost there.”

Entering the alley, separated from the outside noise and inquiring gaze, Mo Qing stood in front of a door and knocked lightly three times. Just a moment later, someone from the inside opened the door. Upon entering, it was a small courtyard like any other ordinary dwelling, but the person who opened the door was not like any other ordinary people.

I looked at the “person” in the doorway with acute interest and observed it from top to bottom and all around: “It’s actually a nimble wooden person?”

Its entire body was made up of large and small wooden blocks, like a wooden puppet that was not controlled by wires. It moved

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