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Si Ma Rong had no intention to usurp the throne and I had no way to encourage him to do so with my status today. If by any chance it was done poorly, Si Ma Rong did not instigate successfully and my identity would be revealed in front of Mo Qing, and then that would really not be worthwhile.

I made some simple conversations with him regarding the sheath and then sat to the side to play with the logs of wood while Mo Qing and Si Ma Rong entered the manufacturing workshop together. As Mo Qing was going in, he only explained to me: “I have something to discuss with West Mountain Lord. For the time being, you will stay outside and wait.”

I perked up an enormous smile and was sensible yet gentle: “Yes, Master.”

The door to the workshop closed.

In my heart, I became incredibly curious.

Before at Chen Ji Mountain, Mo Qing allowed me to go to Cang Shu Pavilion; he also allowed me to listen to how he punished North Mountain Lord. I still thought that Mo Qing would have nothing to hide from me right now. As it turned out, there was still something he wanted to hide here.

I thought of Si Ma Rong’s gentle behavior towards Mo Qing and that intimate address of his name, “Chen Lan”… Then reconnecting Si Ma Rong’s departure from Chen Ji Mountain and Mo Qing seated firmly in the Sect Leader’s position, I pondered about these matters and could not help but gave birth to some… Contemplations?

At that time, Mo Qing killed me, so the Sect Leader’s position was his. But he was able to sit safely in this position; he was bound to have someone assisting him.

Up until now, North Mountain Lord, Yuan Jie, was still not satisfied with Mo Qing, therefore, he was unlikely to help him. South Mountain Lord, Gu Han Guang, had an indifferent temperament and was also not fond of acknowledging other things. East Mountain Lord, this crazy girl, I was not even able to see her a few times within an entire year. I came out from the forbidden area for so many days now; I still had not seen her shadow on Chen Ji Mountain. It seems that after I died, she wailed and cried a few times, and then ran away to disappear.

The only one who could help Mo Qing and turn into a formidable helping hand was Si Ma Rong.

But he was obviously the most likely person to inherit the Sect Leader’s position. He went as far as to willingly assist Mo Qing…

The more I thought about it, the more curious I became. Right at this moment, a “bang” could be heard from inside the room, it was like something had fallen to the ground.

Aiya, were they not careful and encountered something? In the end, what movement were they doing inside? I flicked my fingers to use the Art of Heavenly Eye and went to look inside the room, but I only saw a group of black walls. It had to be Mo Qing; he used his magic power to obstruct my sight.

I could not see anything and felt so bored. I had no other option than to find a chair to sit down. Soon after I had just sat down, I came up wi

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