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Sima Rong led me to the back courtyard where the wooden blocks were kept in a room. Inside there were all kinds of wood that I saw dazzled my eyes.

I usually dreaded these tedious inconveniences, when I choose something, there was always only one principle–

“Whichever piece is the best and most expensive.”

Sima Rong laughed: “Miss Zhi Yan is actually not a modest person.”

I had never before been modest towards West Mountain Lord. But at present, my identity had changed, so I had better make up an excuse to deceive him: “Mister Sima, the relationship that you have with my master is so good, if I am modest towards you, then won’t that make us strangers?”

He did not say anything more about it and pushed his wheelchair into the innermost part of the small room. He took out a piece from underneath a pile of wooden blocks: “The wood here is not cheap, but if we’re talking about suitability, then this piece of Jade Dragon’s Blood wood can even be described as a perfect match to Liu He Tian Yi Sword.”

I looked at it carefully and only saw that it was a dark gray block of wood, which was very similar to the rough stone patterns on the hilt of Liu He Tian Yi Sword. In the middle of the gray, there was a little hint of bright red which was faintly discernible. It looked low-key but it was impossible for people to ignore those eye-catching existences.

It had a rough and ordinary look with no special characteristics but when examined carefully it displayed ostentatious properties inside.

It was the style that I liked: “Okay, that’s the one.”

Sima Rong agreed, and as he was wiping the dust on the piece of wood, he pretended to accidentally ask: “I heard that you, Miss Zhi Yan, can communicate with the previous Sect Leader in your dreams?”

I was taken aback and asked myself, could it be that Mo Qing avoided me just now was for Sima Rong to talk to me about this? But if he just simply talked about this matter, it was not necessary for him to totally avoid me.

Could it be that… In fact, Mo Qing had already discovered the hidden secrets inside this body of Zhi Yan? Or was there still other secretive matters that Mo Qing wanted to discuss with Sima Rong…

I hid my feelings and acted normally: “Beforehand, I accidentally hit my head on the previous Sect Leader’s tombstone; afterwards, I often dream about the Sect Leader wanting me to burn paper offerings for her. So it can be considered as some sort of interaction…”

“Oh.” Sima Rong nodded his head and raised his eyes to look at me. His gentle eyes reflected the carefully covered lights in the room with some haziness, “If that is the case, then my humble self am afraid that I have something that I want to trouble miss. Miss, if the next time you’re fortunate to see the previous Sect Leader again, then on my behalf can you give her an apology.” As he was speaking, he lowered his eyes, “If my humble self’s pair of legs were still well, then in this moment, I would kn

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