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Zhi Yan’s body was locked inside a room on the female’s wing. I followed closely and entered the room. I floated to one side and glanced at the beautiful and delicate objects decorated in the room. I felt that it was unlike Zhuo Chen Hall that Mo Qing ordered people to decorate according to my preferences.

When Jiang Wu finished discussing official affairs with North Mountain Lord, he also entered into this bedroom. At this moment, he sat in the chair beside the bed and folded his arms to observe Zhi Yan sleeping soundly.

I was a little worried.

What if this Jiang Wu was a womanizing lecher that wanted to take advantage of Zhi Yan’s unconscious body and did something during this time… I was now a soul unable to do or prevent anything. Perhaps the best humanly possible practice was to turn my head away and not peek.

But if he really did it, it did not matter if I looked or not my influence would still not be great.

Actually… In my heart, I was still a little bit curious.

I had heard demon cultivators say that using sexual intercourse was one of the happiest methods to appropriate the powers of others in the world. There are even some demon cultivators who specifically specialized in this practice of cultivation. However, before I looked upon the world, as far as I was concerned, other people’s powers were all a pile of sediment and waste. It was beneath me to go peck at and spend my efforts to rob their cultivation base when it still was not as fast as meditating on my own.

Therefore up until now, I still did not know the hidden happiness that they talked about, in the end, was what kind of happy method.

Normally, when I did not think about it, I would forget about it. But right now there was a play delivered straight in front of me waiting to be performed…

I was still pondering when all of a sudden Jiang Wu took action. He squatted down and his head approached the side of Zhi Yan’s cheek.

‘Woah! He’s starting!’

My pondering mind was in unparalleled torment but I was unable to take my gawking eyes away.

I saw that Jiang Wu raised his hand and stretched out his fingers. With controlled effort, he used the back of his hand to lightly stroke and pinch Zhi Yan’s cheek twice, and then he laughed: “It’s both smooth and elastic.”

His descriptions sounded like it appeared to be a very delicious piece of food…

But… In my honest opinion, the skin on Zhi Yan’s face was indeed very beautiful. I allowed my body to sink into the bed and laid on the other side of Zhi Yan. Together with Jiang Wu, I quietly observed and enjoyed Zhi Yan’s delicate pink cheek. I saw Jiang Wu’s finger moved from Zhi Yan’s cheek to the bridge of her nose, then transferred to her eyebrows, and finally fell onto her eyelids.

“The eyelashes are like fans.”

Sure was, Zhi Yan’s eyes were ordinarily full of tears, she would blink and blink, and even I would also grow a soft spot towards her when I see it. I curled my lips, no

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