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Returning to Chen Ji Mountain, Mo Qing and I both went back to our rooms.

After utilizing Zhi Yan’s body, I crawled under the blanket and made my soul leave her body but did not let Zhi Yan return. I caught her first to ask about the events during that year after I died.

Zhi Yan answered carelessly, she said at that time she was still young and was pampered since childhood, so she was unclear on the events in Jiang Hu. She only knew that the event that led to Sima Rong’s broken legs was designed by Nan Yue Sect in the Ten Great Celestial Sects. However, she absolutely did not know how it was planned in the end.

I stroked my chin in deep thought, this Nan Yue Sect that Zhi Yan mentioned, in my opinion, was probably a sect regarded as the least influential out of the Ten Great Celestial Sects. They lived in the southwest, quite far away, besides the Sect Leader was someone who preferred to be mysterious. He never intervened in the affairs of the other sects. Even during that time, the battle in the Sword Tomb, I did not see any of Nan Yue Sect’s men.


A sect such as this, unexpectedly planned to harm Sima Rong?

“Which year did this happen?”


“I’m unclear on which year it was…” Zhi Yan thought for a moment, “At that time, after the battle in the Sword Tomb ended, you died and Li Chen Lan took up the position. In Jiang Hu, it was boiling and raging with noise for a long time. After a while, everyone then had time to pay attention to other news. But by then, Sima Rong’s legs were already broken.”

I frowned: “Li Chen Lan knew Sima Rong was harmed by Nan Yue Sect and he didn’t do anything?”

“He did.” Zhi Yan blinked her eyes at me, “Although, everyone is still verbally saying Ten Great Celestial Sects, Ten Great Celestial Sects right now, but in reality, there are only Nine Great Celestial Sects.”

I was shocked.

Zhi Yan pointed at the shared wall to Mo Qing’s room, her expression was slightly fearful: “Nan Yue Sect was wiped out by him.”

I was stumped for a moment and then pretended to make a calm and collected “oh” sound.

I always thought that Mo Qing chose to operate with benevolence, even divided land to the people and distributed congee. In Jiang Hu, he was unlikely to do anything drastic. It turned out that he only employed an affable image to cover up his face, in order to wipe the hot blood on his hands.




“I still distinctly remember some of this event. I often went to Jian Xin Sect to find Cang Ling; during that time, Jian Xin Sect always had a lot of visitors there, every elder looked to be all beaten black and blue. Later, Li Chen Lan massacred the Southwest in a single night…”

I interrupted Zhi Yan: “Before Li Chen Lan wiped out Nan Yue Sect, did you guys receive news?”

“That’s right, he spread the news. He said within three months, he will slaughter Nan Yue Sect.”


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