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Ch 19

~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~

As we continuously watched the sunset glow fade away, the hue of the twilight sky gradually lowered to a black darkness and many stars came out to fill up the sky, Mo Qing sat beside me and had no intention to stand up and leave.

As if seated here with me watching the stars in the sky, he could see into eternity.

He was not anxious but I was stifled by this somewhat unbearable silence.

Last night, I did not burn any paper money. Today, during the daytime, I did not burn anything again. If today, during the nighttime, I did not go find someone to burn money, then this day’s time was most certainly wasted!

Just as I interweaved my hands in front of me and planned to find a topic that would urge Mo Qing to leave, he suddenly said: “In a moment, I will set out on a journey to go overseas to Immortal Island.”

He took the initiative to mention my goal, which left me in that moment with nothing to say. I could only “oh” once.

“When I reach Immortal Island to fetch the sword, my Instant Shadow Technique will be hindered. Maybe two to three days later, I can then return.”


“When I am not here…” I thought for certain that he wanted to warn me not to run around all over the place to cause mischief and so on, but in the end, he said, “If you want anything, you can tell the Dark Shift Guards.”

‘Yi, you are this at ease with me?’

‘When you are away in this short period of time, I want to tell the Dark Shift Guards that I want to snatch your sect leader position, will they agree to help me?’

Of course, I would not say these words out loud.

When Mo Qing finished speaking, he was quiet again but he still did not leave. After a while, he turned his head to look at me, his black pupils reflected my face and the starry night sky. He asked me: “There’s nothing you want to tell me?”

I was silent for a moment.

‘Okay, okay, okay, I get it. Is it not precisely that you want concern and affection? Is it not precisely that you want some warm-hearted sweet speech and honeyed words? Wait until you bring the sword back later, you still want praise and admiration, is that not so? I understand you! I will satisfy you! All will be to your satisfaction, okay?’

Therefore, I covered the back of his hand, gently held his palm, and allowed the temperature of our two palms to warm each other.

I said: “Master, you must be very careful, don’t get hurt, come back soon, I will miss you.”

To one side, Zhi Yan pretended to retch at me with dislike: “Demoness, you can really fake it to death!”

‘Hmph, little child, what do you know, all people in love crave this pattern of behavior. You see Mo Qing…’

I carefully glanced at the expression on Mo Qing’s face… Even if right now I was able to seduce Mo Qing, I had no choice but to be somewhat entranced by his expression in this moment.

He was smiling. The smile was unlike a little child’s that just ate candy, but lik

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