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Ch 33

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Returning to Chen Ji Mountain, I brought Mo Qing and Sima Rong straight to Gu Han Guang’s place.

Having just set foot into the courtyard, Gu Han Guang came out bundled in a snow mink fur cloak; his super small image, sleepy face, hazy eyes, and disheveled hair, at first glance, made him look quite lovable. But when his eyes landed on the faces of Sima Rong and Mo Qing, the haziness in his eyes sharpened slightly, he furrowed his brows, and asked: “What is this?”

Mo Qing said: “Treat his injuries.”

Gu Han Guang answered with a question: “Treat him?”

“Treat him,” his tone firm. Gu Han Guang pursed his lips and went back into his room to get the golden needles.

I looked at Mo Qing’s back, his spine was still ramrod straight, if not for the slightly pale color of his lips, then it was impossible to see that he was different than usual.

I said to Mo Qing: “Master, previously in Feng Zhou City at Sima Rong’s small residence, it seems that I dropped some things, I’ll go back and see, and after a while, I’ll return.” I did not give Mo Qing a chance to ask anything else and used Instant Travel to depart.

I knew that if I was standing there now, Mo Qing would not let Gu Han Guang treat his injuries. He wanted to hide the extent of his injuries from me… He did not want to let me know that he got injured because he went to get the sword; he probably did not feel at ease and feared that I would seize the sword.

I landed in Sima Rong’s small residence, I saw the spectators in the alley outside had all dispersed and inside the house the Dark Guards were lighting the lanterns, cleaning up, and repairing things. When they saw me, they all bowed their heads in greeting but did not say much and just minded their own business. I went to the rear courtyard and hid Zhi Yan’s body in the wood storage room. As my soul flew out, I saw that the volatile aura in the courtyard was still growing denser.

But that Small Round Face was already no longer on top of the wall, I circled once in the courtyard looking for her, and finally, I went into the main room. Upon entering, I saw Small Round Face sitting in Sima Rong’s wheelchair, hugging her legs, and burying her face into her knees. Her aura of resentment overflowed like black clouds: “Give back to me… Give him back to me.” She kept repeating this mantra.

“Sima Rong has been rescued.”

As soon as I said this, she immediately turned her head to look at me and I was shocked by her appearance. Her black hair scattered like those auras of resentment that had its own entity, her face covered with metallic bloody tears, her eyes were pitch-black where the whites could not be seen, her complexion was deathly pale, her lips were bluish-black, and her hands wrapped around her knees grew long black fingernails. Her appearance was terribly frightening.


I kept my state of mind under control and as calmly as possible told her:

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