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Deep into the night, the small forest at the foot of Chen Ji Mountain was completely quiet, I looked around and there was no one to be seen. I sat under a tree and left Zhi Yan’s body. I saw the gloomy ghost market but did not immediately go to the store that sold Energy Boosting Pills. Instead, I turned around and went deep into the forest.

In this forest, there was a tavern where ghosts who were prone to loneliness go. Many lonely souls and wild ghosts all visited here acting like living people. Inside, they engaged in ordering some food, drinking a few drops of wine, and finding a working ghost. They stayed and chatted, reminisced the past and looked forward to the future. Then afterward, they resumed to being a muddle-headed ghost.

This kind of place had the most information.

Before, I did not have any money, also did not feel lonely, and had nothing to chat about with these ordinary ghosts. So I preferred to willingly float around my own gravesite. But now I wanted to gather some information, therefore, this was another matter.


I arrived at the tavern’s doorway and took a quick glimpse around inside. I only saw three to four ghosts sitting scattered at a few tables. Some were quietly drinking wine and some were chattering away gossiping. The tavern’s waiter was much more enthusiastic than other stores. He came up to welcome me and smilingly asked: “Miss…”


“Lu Zhao Yao.” I announced my name and went directly inside. I was just so confident with my wealth!

Previously when I bought the Entering Dream Pill, my account had roughly ten thousand coins left. Now, after several days of burning paper money again, my account should have increased by a lot. Firstly, this tavern was not involved with or spanned across the buying and selling of yin and yang. Secondly, it was not a place that could change my buying and selling situations. It was just a place to take a break and eat a meal. If even I did not have enough money for a place like this, then it was really against heaven’s law.

Beyond my expectation, the waiter surprisingly did not look at the mirror in his hand but simply said to me: “Guest, where did those words come from, each and every person who comes to our place are guests. It doesn’t matter if you have more or less money, we will all entertain you. Moreover, when I saw you, Guest, I felt very close to you like the two of us are meant to cross paths. I only want to ask you, there are no more seats on the first floor, do you mind if you sit on the second floor?”

I narrowed my eyes feeling rather surprised. These words alone were nothing like the words that should be said by a ghost at a ghost market! To get through the entrances of these snobby ghost markets, they all wanted to see the value of the person first. Perhaps this tavern wanted to be the unbiased sector of this place?

I fully appreciated it.

The waiter was a cute young lad approximately the same heigh

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