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Now that Mo Qing was here, I did not have much time to indulge myself in my own thoughts.

I patted my face to stabilize my mind and thought:

[Afraid of what? I have already died once anyways. Events of the past that were forgotten have been forgotten. Even if I die once more, I will just lose the things that I’ve already lost again. There’s nothing to be panicky about.]

I recently borrowed this body of Zhi Yan’s that had no substantial courage, so the more I live, the more narrow-minded I became. I should quickly gather money to buy a Resurrecting Pill!

In short, regardless if I was to forget my identity or go reincarnate or even disintegrate later, they were all events that would happen in the future. A ferocious person like me was still one day destined to be killed by the aura of Ugly Little Monster’s sword. I could not struggle between existence and dissipation. The only thing I could attempt to do before I dissipate was to drag a scapegoat with me–

For instance, this Ugly Little Monster in front of me, who still came before my gravesite to show off after I died.

Although right now, he was no longer ugly and even beautiful to be somewhat enchanting…

No matter what! I had decided to get rid of him!

This future matter, I would revisit it later.

It was late at night and this Ugly Little Monster did not go to sleep but came out to seek Zhi Yan. Now that he had seen Zhi Yan sleeping here, there would certainly be many doubts in his mind. Therefore, I should quickly erase all these doubts. I entered Zhi Yan’s body, stretched my back, and pretended to wake up while dazedly rubbing my eyes. After that, I pretended to be surprised and stared at Mo Qing:

“Whoa? Master! How are you here?”

Mo Qing looked at me silently; he did not respond nor appeared suspicious of me. He simply stared at me with some concentrated scrutiny.

Even though Mo Qing’s eyes were clear, it made it impossible for someone to read his mind; I was helpless against these types of eyes. I simply shifted my eyes, supported my body against the tree behind me, stood up, and explained myself: “Ay, after the last time that I was captured by Jiang Wu, I don’t know what ailment happened to this body of mine, it feels sleepy all the time.”

“Oh?” Mo Qing finally responded, “Go back and let Gu Han Guang check to see if there are any problems and get it all treated.”

I took care of Zhi Yan’s body very well, so if I was to let Gu Han Guang check it, then he would probably say that my brain was faulty…

“It just feels sleepy all the time, there are no other ailments. I mustn’t go bother the god doctor. Master, look, the night sky here is so beautiful!” I conveniently pointed at the sky and hoped that there was a beautiful starry sky that would make it possible for me to change the subject. I never thought that in this ghost market where living people could not see ghosts but could still see the heavy yin atmosphere. It was heavily cloude

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