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The night wind screamed, it was still in the midst of the mountain forest, thick and massive clouds accumulated in the sky, it covered the stars and the moon, and a thunderstorm rose up. It was precisely an austere time between heaven and earth.


With every step, Mo Qing stepped forward that created a gale that became stronger like a burst of oppressive force. As he approached nearer and nearer, I could feel Jiang Wu’s hand clutching my wrist more and more rigidly.

Mo Qing was exerting pressure on him.

Although like this, the arrogant smile on the corner of Jiang Wu’s mouth still did not diminish at all. He narrowed his eyes to look at Mo Qing up and down, and then his eyes fell on the sword at Mo Qing’s waist.

I only saw that long sword compared to him and the Wan Jun Sword at his waist was about the same length. Yet the hilt of that sword was coarse and the body of the sword was like a bolt of lightning. It was accompanied by the sounds of “crackling” echoes and gave off a constant glow.

“Oh, Liu He Tian Yi Sword. That lightning bolt just now was the formidable power of this sword.” Jiang Wu laughed, “So yesterday, Li Sect Leader actually went out in search of this sword.”

It was genuinely an extremely ostentatious sword that dazzled the eyes. My eyes lit up and my heart told itself that it certainly was not wrong at all. This sword was extremely suitable to my taste!

And within such a short period of time, Mo Qing had unexpectedly brought this sword back from overseas!

I lost my soul and advanced forward with the desire to hold that sword in my hand. Good swords could only be discovered by chance and not sought after! But I was swiftly and rigidly dragged back by Jiang Wu. I was a little unhappy and scowled, but an even more unhappy voice could be heard from over there: “Let go.”

Mo Qing ordered.

Jiang Wu sneered: “So what if I don’t let go?”

“I’m not negotiating with you.”

Mo Qing went forward with a single step and the pressure in the air suddenly increased. What came next was a sharp blade that condensed together from the pressure. It tore directly through the air and went straight towards Jiang Wu’s neck. Jiang Wu tilted his head to dodge and avoid the first shot. But the second blade that came after sliced his cheek creating a deep wound. Fresh blood dripped down and made his complexion a little unsightly.

But over there, it looked like Mo Qing was silently enduring a raging fury that rose to the heavens and a dense dark mass that was burning alongside his body.

I saw these two people single-mindedly faced each other fiercely. I gathered up my power and seized the opportunity to utilize the Instant Shadow Technique once. In a blink of an eye, I landed behind Mo Qing but then this body of Zhi Yan came under that pressure that the legs were already weakened to fall directly onto the butt and sat down on the ground.

I raised my head to look up, I saw Mo Qing’s ba

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