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Ch 32

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[Who dared to capture my people?]

[Knocked out my Dark Guards and seized my West Mountain Lord. When I, Lu Zhao Yao, was alive, no one dared to embarrass my Wan Lu Sect like this!]

I took two steps forward and righted the fallen wheelchair: “Master, I’ll go look in the back courtyard.” I left these words behind and ignored Mo Qing to go directly to the back courtyard. Arriving in the back courtyard, I quickly swept a glance to the right and to the left, and then left Zhi Yan’s body in a corner. The moment that I floated out, I saw the whole courtyard was filled with a dense and dark aura of resentment.

I looked around and saw Little Round Face’s body shrouded in a volatile aura in the east corner of the courtyard; she laid flat above the wall struggling to fly out. However, she was a malicious spirit doomed to be bounded to a certain area, no matter what she did or how she struggled, she could only lay flat above that wall.

“Yue Zhu.” I called out to her and she turned her head back. I saw tears of blood slowly trickling down her face; she appeared extremely scary like she had just crawled out from purgatory.

She watched me closely with gritted teeth; her hatred could be deeply felt, and “gurgling” sounds came out of her mouth: “Kill… I want to kill them…”

“Tell me where’d they go, I’ll help you.” Yue Zhu unwaveringly stared at me, as I said, “I’m Lu Zhao Yao, he’s naturally my Western Mountain Lord, so no one can touch my people, even if I’m dead.”

When I was alive, I was notorious for shielding my people. It was okay for us to bully other people. If we bullied them correctly, then there was a prize; but if we bullied them incorrectly, then we could not let them bully us back in return.

When Yue Zhu was still assessing me, at this moment, I saw a stream of golden light spread out from the main room like water waves that swept across a radius of several hundred miles in a blink of the eye.

In the end, Yue Zhu answered me: “Went east towards Ling Ting Mountain…”

Without further delay, I immediately entered Zhi Yan’s body and entered the main room. Just as I was about to talk to Mo Qing, I heard him say: “Went towards Ling Ting Mountain, you wait here for me.”

Then that light just now… Could it be Mo Qing’s Tracing Technique? He directly used magical power to detect targets within a radius of hundreds of miles; his action was indeed too extravagant…

I moved my arm: “Let’s go together.”

“No way.” He unyieldingly and unwaveringly refused me.

I understood that the reason was probably something like ‘I love you; therefore, I don’t want to let you be in danger.’ I pouted and answered decisively blunt: “Okay.”

When Mo Qing loosened up a little and was about to impart some words to me, I quickly used the Instant Travel Technique and saw Mo Qing’s eyes widened slightly. He wanted to disrupt my technique but I had already landed on a bare mountain top i

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