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When I drifted to the ghost market, the day was already bright.

Unlike the dense and gloomy atmosphere at night; during the day, the ghost market was shrouded with a thin layer of fog and everyone was listlessly sluggish. The sun had just appeared, at Shen Xing Pill Store’s doorway, the usually high and mighty store’s waiter had already laid directly on the floor; enticingly and titillatingly stuck his buttocks up. My eyes flashed past, the entire ghost market looked like it was drugged by someone.

Compared to these ghostly appearances of theirs, I felt that during my usual broad daylight moments, I was simply more spunkier than a dog. I was still able to jumpingly and bouncingly float really far away, even though it was still necessary to avoid the sun during midday…

I drifted into the small forest, the tavern in the woods had a cover of noxious fumes produced by dead trees, so the waiter inside fared a little better than the one outside, but the Zi You who welcomed me still had an extremely sleepy look: “Guest, why did you come here at this time…” As he spoke, he appeared like he strongly desired to immediately plop to the floor.

“I came to find you to inquire about some information… You can lie down and talk.”

“Ah… Okay.” He laid down and half of his body was stuck in the ground, “Last time, guest, you appear to be really awesome. That Yue Zhu that you inquired about last time, yesterday she really did become a malicious spirit.”

“Mhm, I already know about her matter, maybe not long after she will be able to return back to normal. I came here today to find out more about other news.” I said, “Last night, was there new ghosts that came down from Ling Ting Mountain? Can you investigate their identities?”

“A day in this secular world, millions of new ghosts can appear everywhere; it’s possible to investigate their identities, but you must know their names and eight-character birthdates, and then go to the Great Yin Netherworld Money Store to pay the investigation fee.”

“Great Yin Netherworld Money Store?” I was silent, “That place is not only limited to giving ghosts money for buying and selling but can also investigate someone’s information?”

“Correct, it’s because that place settles the merits of each ghost; determines the amount of money and retail value of items every ghost receives in the ghost market; therefore, these information, they will all have it.”

I pinched my chin in deep thoughts, apparently it was impossible to investigate about this information. Those kidnappers at Ling Ting Mountain, I did not even know their names and eight-character birthdates, not to mention their faces, I did not get a chance to see. Therefore, I could only depend on Mo Qing to go investigate.

Speaking of which, I suddenly remembered something: “If you say it like that, then in the Great Yin Netherworld Money Store, wouldn’t I be able to see many things of my past life? Last time, you said that ghosts will gradua

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